Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Parliament Bill C9 BRRA:Third Reading

It's official, the adults in parliament have moved legislation ahead! All parties are expected to support this Bill.

Balanced Refugee Reform Act. Kudos to each party for putting the country ahead of political games.

Canadian Bar Association agrees with the all party admendments. Here is their submission in May 2010.

Smiling faces, what a strange sight.


Ardvark said...

Interesting day today. We get an agreement on immigration policy after the Liberal flip flops, the NDP are playing games on the Afghan detainee documents that the Liberals did agree on, and the gun registry vote gets put off until September with no idea where the NDP stand after Ignatieff has set a new precident by deciding to whip a vote on a private members bill.

I almost forgot Iffy takes Rae's new position on extending the mission in Afghanistan which the NDP has said it will not support.

CanadianSense said...

It is funny watching the opposition MPs fold like chairs when push come to shove: so much for parliament supremacy!

The hurtful comments by Libby is nothing unusual. Thomas Muclair may end up paying for her comments. T.C. is not a happy camper! Could not have happened to a better party.

wilson said...

The Harpers, a quilt and a brave soldier have a tea


CanadianSense said...

Nice story, thanks for the link.

It is interesting as we get closer to the exit dates a few Liberals are now backtracking from attacking the military 24/7.

They probably believe the MSM will be able to help them repair the damage they caused in public support for the mission and our military.

Can they be that dumb?