Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Muskoka G8 Leader Poll and Cereal Journalism

If fences make good neighbours, we should expect a much warmer and friendly place this weekend in Toronto? Yes I took liberty with serious journalism for cereal journalism.

Not a shock for many, this poll was left open for a few months and moved to the bottom of the webpage.

The Toronto media can focus on taking hundreds of photos of the lovely fence around 50 blocks(?)  installed in a portion of downtown Toronto. The Cereal journalists will than provide free publicity for the bused in peaceful protesters demanding gender equality rights for their animals. (Or something like that)

After all Toronto has never held or closed parts of the city for events. It will be a devasting inconvenience for a few days for some locals. Fortunately for those locals they won't be dealing with the real damage and loss of property from the recent floods in other parts of Canada.

I can imagine those employed that have had the opportunity to work from home for the next few days will be happy with the inconvenience.  Hopefully the employers won't be checking out the beaches or parks in the next days, the weather forecast looks great in the GTA.

Toronto, the cultural centre of me.

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