Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Liberal Cheerleader: Angry Liberals Still Suck

Liberal insiders correctly note the public is looking for a reason to vote against Mr. Harper, but they can’t yet see one in the Liberals. -Donald Martin

This sounds like sour grapes the Temple of Groupthink in the Parliamentary Press Gallery in Ottawa.

The PPG don't matter and like the Liberal insiders they represent the backward ankle biting minority pining for the 'glory days'.

Too bad too sad.

The Government of Canada does not serve at the pleasure of the press gallery.

Donald notes in his article how the Liberals are not acting wisely.
  • Policy Reversals
  • Sinking Party Morale
  • Crazy talk about NDP coalition
  • Kevin Page is going to burst media driven campaign about Security Costs
  • Media pining on Jean Chretiens return
  • Last to allow for Auditor General review
  • LGR battle
  • Internal revolt on fixing immigration system
  • Refusal for any adult conversation from Canada150 until writ is dropped.
It must be difficult to defend and support the Liberal Party when they are so intent on not earning the support of voters. Luckily for Donald his latest grumbling will have little resonance outside the Ottawa bubble.


wilson said...

Liberals are in alot worse shape than the public is being told, at least that is what this story indicates.
Of the 13 Hamilton ridings, Liberals had 2 candidates picked, and their 'star' just quit.....
and then there was 1.


CanadianSense said...

Caught that this morning live on CHCH TV, posted the loss of another star candidate.

You are correct the truth about the serious problems within the Liberal Party is not public.

It is up to bloggers, opponents to connect the dots.

Keep up the great work and lets hope voters are made aware of the facts.