Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lesson Rahim Jaffer: Liberals Are Better

Rahim Jaffer was unsuccessful in getting any contracts as a former Conservative. If Rahim Jaffer had Liberal ties would he have been able to secure a deal for twenty years at a sixty per cent premium to the existing hydro rates?

In Ontario both the NDP and PC are asking questions about the relationship of Mike Crawley and the Federal and Provincial Liberals.

Is the CBC,  Toronto media selective in investigating a potential conflict or relationship when it points to the Liberal Party in Ontario?

Who is this Mike Crawley? Stephen Taylor was on a tv panel with him on August 15, 2008.

NDP Howard Hampton: He is a Liberal hack and he’s going to get a $475-million contract, guaranteed at 8 cents a kilowatt hour. That’s why the hydro bill is going to go through the roof.

Mr Runciman: The reality is that we are talking about the principal of this company, who is a senior Liberal operative, one who is highly involved in both the provincial and federal Liberal parties. He has just been handed a contract worth close to half a billion dollars for a 0.3% contribution to power output. Can the minister guarantee that neither Mike Crawley nor AIM PowerGen had any undue influence over this process? Can you guarantee that?

Found here (2004): http://hansardindex.ontla.on.ca/hansardEISSUE/38-1/L100A.htm

I understand the CBC and Toronto media are very concerned about the costs of a reflective pool that cost nearly sixty thousand.

Does Rahim Jaffer believe if he was a Liberal he would have had more success in getting contracts?

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Patrick Ross said...

Past Liberal transgressions don't make Jaffer's behaviour any less disappointing.

CanadianSense said...

I don't think I have given Rahim much thought or his behaviour.

Opposition Parties used Question Period, Committee in Parliament alleging influence about him and his wife over the Gov't.

No money has changed hands as far as I can tell.

I simply drew a line how unsuccessful Rahim Jaffer as a conservative and the level of scrutiny he is under.

I find it puzzling, how little attention on the Green Energy Act, lack of evidence supports to justify the investment in Wind Energy.

This other person seems to have hit the jackpot.

We have the Federal NDP screaming bloody murder over 2% GST cut, HST implementation but they are invisible to the costs of alternative energy. These fake windmills and the double digit increases to our Hydro rates in Ontario as a result of Rae's moratorium on nuclear power will be more damaging than a reflective water element.

France has 65% of their energy from nuclear.

Quebec is able to use their low Hydro rates to give their business a competitive advantage.

hunter said...

The rewards of being a Liberal have now moved from the federal government to provincial governments. Nice.

(by the way, my old eyes find the white on black very hard to read.)

Alberta Girl said...

I second Hunter's comment about the black and white - not only is it hard to read, all I see for several minutes after is black writing on my white screen.

Very strange effect - I thought it was only me. But it happens on any blog that has a dark background (especially black) with white writing.

Re. the post - Jaffer is a putz, however he was unfairly treated in the press given how they have treated several others who have transgressed in the past several months.

CanadianSense said...

It is the chalkboard...

Back to school!

I am playing with the different themes, thank you for the feedback.

I am looking for Hello Kitty motif next.

(Just kidding)

OddSox said...

Check the wind power at http://www.ieso.ca/imoweb/marketdata/windpower.asp! 1100 MW of capacity - currently pushing all of 60 MW!

CanadianSense said...

Our media is busy interviewing failed adults wearing ninja outfits demanding gender equality for their pets.

I am confident the investigative journalists will discover the business genius of installing Giant Fans in Ontario.


A few thousands birds, bats will continue to have their gender equality rights terminated with extreme prejudice but Greenies understand the importance of the pursuit of social justice.

Bubble's Mama said...

More on Mike Crawley. The post had a link of a walk-on-water tribute to him but they took it down from Youtube. Lots of juicy info though.

Bubble's Mama said...

More info on Mike Crawley: