Sunday, June 06, 2010

Liberal Divisions: Amateur Hour Revisited

The lazy media is busy trying to project a viable alternative to the current government. The self-immolation of the Liberal Party in nothing unusual for those that have examined their recent history.

December 2008 Ignatieff would be prepared to lead a coalition if necessary. The Liberals refused to provide any ideas for the stimulus or shaping of the largest budget in Canadian history. Liberals bet against Canada being able to recover in 2009 and they would be easily returned to power.
Michael Ignatieff. At the time, he vowed his support for the coalition, explicitly, publicly, and repeatedly. At the time, he said, “I stand at one with other parliamentary colleagues in believing that we need to present the alternative of a coalition.” At the time, he said the coalition “provides responsible economic leadership in tough times.” At the time, he said Canadians should not fear the Bloc Québécois’ role in the coalition. He even signed a formal petition to the Governor General, assuring her that the coalition represented “a viable alternative government.”
An early test of leadership by Michael Ignatieff was from his NFLD wing who were given a one time pass in voting against the budget. Ignatieff blamed the CPC. Danny Williams has distanced himself from the ABC campaign. On January 22, 2010  Ignatieff picked a Liberal Shadow Cabinet was picked.

May 2009 In Montreal promoting his book, Ignatieff admits the coalition would have deeply divided Canadians and he could not guarantee the long-term stability during the severe economic recession.
..the coalition was divisive, illegitimate, unstable, and wrong—a formal pact with a separatist party that would have guaranteed them, in the words of the accord to which the three opposition leaders affixed their signatures, a “permanent consultation mechanism” in the government of Canada. Or pretty much what all of the coalition’s critics said at the time.

Sept 2009 - Bob Rae played a pivotal role by speaking against Coderre-Ignatieff position after it was made public. The flip-flop that shortly followed by Ignatieff allowed Coderre to resign his position as the Quebec lieutenant just before the November 2009 elections. Coderre was highly critical of the party being run from Toronto. The Liberals did lost support in Quebec. They finished above the Green Party. The CPC took a long held Separatist seat (16 years).

Feb 2010 - Fast forward to Maternal Health debate and the Liberals spent weeks demanding a divisive debate about abortion funding being neccessary. Bob Rae again gained prominence for introducing the motion that had many Liberals forget to show up and included three pro-life Liberals vote against their own motion.

June 2010 - The Montreal Wing has recently earned some press for allegedly a revolt in breaking ranks over the cooperation Maurizo Bevilacqua (Shadow Cabinet Critic Citizenship & Immigration). The Montreal Wing gained some attention with the fallout of Dennis Coderre refusal to allow Martin Cauchon (potential rival) his old riding. The star candidate that was recruited now become unavailable for the Liberal Party.

June 2010 - We now have Rae talking about the need for a coalition, an extension for the Afghanistant mission without the support of the leader.

The press have been busy with running stories about the need for a coalition of the Liberals with the NDP to gain power.  Has the press realized the Liberals are not a viable alternative in their current state Or is the press undermining the leadership of Michael Ignatieff by providing the critics of his leadership free publicity?

Coalition debate for political junkies here.

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