Thursday, June 24, 2010

LottoMax: Dreamers

From May 28 - June 18 LottoMax has generated over 300 million in sales.
Players have a one-in-28 million shot at the $50 million.
There is a better chance that a ticket holder will:
- Hit two holes-in-one in a row three times
- Get 10 royal flushes when playing poker
- Land on heads 25 times in a row when tossing a coin
- Be struck by lightning three times
- Men are 5,000 times more likely to die of breast cancer than win the lottery
- One-in-28 million odds are similar to driving through 25 traffic lights and getting green every time. Here

I have only won one time: a plastic wood fascia Candle Stereo with two speakers from my purchase of a Laura Secord French Mint chocolate bar (retail 150.00 in the 80's). I think the odds were 1 in 160,000.
I have joked with family and friends I would buy an expensive RV and travel. How much is the Liberal campaign bus going for nowadays?


The_Iceman said...

I did not see your post on the lottery before writing my post on the lottery. But in fairness, I started a lottery webpoll in the afternoon with the intention of writing about the lottery in the evening.

It was either blog about the lottery or take some digs and France and Italy for being knocked out of the World Cup early. The wops weren't able to dive their way to a title this year.

Ardvark said...

It is $2 for a shot at a dream, and as long as that $2 bucks doesn't mean the kids go hungry why not?

hunter said...

Statistically, you can't win if you do not have a ticket. So, I have a ticket. I will let you know if lightning hits!

CanadianSense said...

The LottoMax is $ 5 dollars per play.

I agree you can't win unless you play.

(I don't own a store and can't steal it!)

I was just having fun with the odds from the staticians.

I do think I have done the red light thing (not as many) but at least 15 straight green.

Kevin said...

I forget who said it first but I think this sums it up.

Lotteries are a voluntary tax on the stupid.