Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Federal Liberals: Ashamed of Ontario?

In a few days over ten thousand people will be visiting Canada. The costs of a Travel Pavillion to help promote Ontario has a man made lake with a cost of $ 57,000.

“We’re trying to make a memorable impression,” said Michael Lawley of Muskoka Tourism. “Is it expensive? Well, that’s the cost of doing business.”

Only 200 reporters of the 2,000 will be travelling to Muskoka. Officials stress that the $1.9-million cost is split between the federal and provincial governments.

The media and Federal Liberals in desperation jumped on a figure of two million and ran with it, regardless of the real cost. After so many mistakes, policy reversals, some hoped the Liberals would stop playing games with the Economic Action Plan and spending to help boost local jobs.

In Question Period the Liberals have joined the other parties complaining about the supply bill, they are so unhappy they will make sure enough of them stay away so it passes. The Liberals believe they are acting responsibly by attacking the omnibus bill and undermining the government.
The 2010 budget bill sailed through the House of Commons by a vote of 138-126 on Tuesday, with 30 Liberal MPs absent to ensure the budget survived — along with the government.

The speech writers have adopted a new word in all their questions. Peter 'crying wolf' fable has no meaning for the Liberals. They have effectively eliminated any credibility over repeated games and stunts.

The majority of Canadians have given the leader the worst rating in leadership and the party is polling below thirty per cent. Instead of getting behind the Government of Canada and promoting Ontario the opposition are continuing to demostrate the need of adult supervision.

During the Olympics, many provincial governments bought advertising promoting their province to the world. The opposition have again put political games ahead of being Canadian during the Olympics and now with the G7-G20.

Will these morons attack the Premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty for working with the Federal Government in the promotion of providing a glimpse of cottage country for the 1,800 of reporters that are not travelling to Deerhurst?


The_Iceman said...

It is a 10cm pool. It is not accurate to call it a fake lake.

They should spend a few extra dollars and import millions of mosquitos and deer flies to give these journalists the true northern Ontario feel. I grew up about an hour drive north of Huntsville.

CanadianSense said...

It is funny when campers from Toronto go camping up North and get bit by Deerflies, Horseflies.

The look on their face and the reaction to the bug laughing off the smack is priceless.

Fay said...

It sure looks like the Liberals and MSM are mocking Toronto and Ontario. Terry Milewski told canadians tonight that they will be feeding lake story to the international media because they are always looking for a light story. CBC helping the world laugh at Toronto. Sad!