Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The UN, Liberal Media, Anti-Israel Groups Unite

The pile on against Israel has started regarding a failure of IDF to anticipate the extremists on board the last ship in the floatilla trying to break the naval blockade.

They did not experience violence, resistance on the first five boats and may have been lulled into a false sense of security.

Between thirty to fifty extremists on the last boat did not follow requests from the IDF. The extremists were prepared with weapons to resist the commandos that were landing in small numbers to inspect the cargo and redirect the boat.

The extremists quickly overwhelmed the individuals with metal poles and swarming them from all sides. They resisted the paint ball warning shots, verbal commands to stop. Numerous videos are available.

An IDF commando was thrown thirty feet over the rail and sustained serious head injuries.

This was not a peaceful resistance, it was another provocation to inflame hatred and distrust for the only democratic state to exist.

I am perplexed on the reaction to North Korea murdering 46 South Koreans, Russian Navy releasing ten Somalis to the open sea  in "international" waters in comparison the loss of life of 10 extremists aboard one boat trying to break a naval blockade.

Investigation Result on the Sinking of ROKS "Cheonan"
Multinational Combined Intelligence Task Force, comprised of 5 states including the US, Australia, Canada and the UK:
  • North Korean military is in possession of a fleet of about 70 submarines.It also possesses torpedoes of various capabilities including straight running, acoustic and wake homing torpedoes with a net explosive weight of about 200 to 300kg, which can deliver the same level of damage that was delivered to the ROKS" Cheonan."
Based on all such relevant facts and classified analysis, we have reached the clear conclusion that ROKS "Cheonan" was sunk as the result of an external underwater explosion caused by a torpedo made in North Korea. The evidence points overwhelmingly to the conclusion that the torpedo was fired by a North Korean submarine. There is no other plausible explanation. -Report May 20 2010

The Joint Civilian-Military Investigation Group(JIG) conducted its investigation with 25 experts from 10 top Korean expert agencies, 22 military experts, 3 experts recommended by the National Assembly, and 24 foreign experts constituting 4 support teams from the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and the Kingdom of Sweden. The JIG is composed of four teams--Scientific Investigation Team, Explosive Analysis Team, Ship Structure Management Team, and Intelligence Analysis Team.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said the report was "deeply troubling".

The Report is conclusive and clear? Ten days after the report, China or Russia require more proof. China has the most influence with North Korea, and should cooperate with South Korea and Japan in punishing North Korea.

May 6, 2010.
Russian investigators said 10 captured pirates, who seized the China-bound MV Moscow University in the Gulf of Aden, will be brought to Moscow for prosecution.- Reuters

The tanker, with a Russian crew of 23, was hijacked on May 5 off the Somali coast. After a Russian naval operation on May 6 freed the tanker, capturing 10 pirates and killing one, the disarmed pirates were put into inflatable boats without navigational systems and pushed off into open waters.

Russia said it had no choice but to set the pirates adrift, citing the absence of international laws to prosecute them, and their boat disappeared from radars an hour later. A top-ranking Defense Ministry source said on Tuesday the pirates are believed to have died.
The UN, Human Rights, Amnesty International and the rest of the world were understandably silent - after all, this was an internal affair of two non-Western groups, and there was no concern that Jews or Americans could be hurting the pirates - which in the end meant that a pirate's life was worth less than Obama's promises from 2007 - if said pirate was captured by Russians....  - Hyphenated American

Why the double standard with the Human Rights Groups, the UN, the media? Are South Koreans, Somali lives not as important?

Where is the call for a complete and thorough investigation by European Union states, UN against North Korea and Russia?

I support Israel in their right to protect its border, keep up a naval blockade, inspection of ships or persons and its right to exist.


Bert said...

I'd like to see the morons in that last boat bring supplies into a port being blockaded by North Korea.

UsualSuspect said...

Who in their right mind outfits a boarding party with paintball guns? I guarantee you a Canadian boarding party would be well-armed, fierce and definitely not "nice" for the cameras until the ship was taken.

This was a botched operation. The "activists" knew they were coming and that they would be equipped only to pose for the cameras. This is what happens when you throw your manuals out the window and I am surprised it didn't happen sooner.

CanadianSense said...

Why tolerate the double standard against the only democracy in the middle east?

The same thing is taking place in Canada with the attacks on Christians for their view or desire to participate in politics.

It is WTF moment.