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Dear Mr. President : Hockey Is Our Game

If Canada wins , Harper will purchase a case of Yuengling beer for Obama.
If the U.S. wins, Obama will purchase a case of Molson Canadian for Harper, says the Prime Minister's Office. -CTV

Now I am confused if CTV has reported this correctly or did we miss the tems of the BET. The Winner send a sympathy gift for the losing team?

Catch by LS on the CTV report in comments section.

24 Sussex 
Please call ahead for delivery instructions.

UPDATE Barack Obama will have to shell out $45.40 for a case of 24 Molson Canadian, after losing a bet to Stephen Harper.
The U.S. President can blame Sidney Crosby, who scored the winning goal in overtime to win the Olympic gold medal in men's hockey on Sunday. In American dollars, that would be about $43.20.
After the game, the Prime Minister visited the Canadian locker room, telling the players that he’s looking forward to receiving that case of Molson - Jane Taber

Additional Stories on The Beer Bet

President Barack Obama owes his Canadian counterpart a case of beer.- Yahoo News

Julian Linden at Reuters reports on the ERROR

The only problem was that they messed up the terms of the bet, with both offices issuing media statements that the winner had to buy the beer rather than the loser. -Reuters

The pair have wagered a case of beer on the outcome with the leader on the winning side buying the loser a little something to drown their sorrows, according to Harper's office.
If Canada win, Harper has to buy Obama a case of Yuengling beer. If the Americans win, Obama owes Harper a carton of Molson Canadian. - Reuters

Taiwan News, Comcast News, Kypost, ,

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The Coalition To Nowhere: Undoing our Economic Action Plan

Source CTV Saturday Feb 27, 2010 3:45 C.S.T.

UPDATED Source CTV Feb 27, 2010 5:15 CST Speedskating Men's Pursuit another Gold!

UPDATE 3 Source CTV February 27, 2010 5:36 pm CST

UPDATE 4 Source CTV February 27, 2010 8:40 pm CST - Curling Men's

We are "Owning The Podium" against the US, Germany and Norway, the SuperPowers in Winter Olympics.  The naysayers were premature in their criticisms.
Politics in Canada has taken a backseat for a few weeks and many of us are thankful. Rex Murphy February, and no Question Period -- how did the nation survive? it is a funny piece and I am sure many of us would agree. Any chance of extending the prorogue until the summer 2011?

The media driven outrage organized by the partisan political parties in opposition failed to ignite or sustain their Hope & Change campaign. The Left has played games with our Games regarding the logo, the torch relay, and doubting the spirit of Canadians to rally behind each other. Many in the Left fear this pride and spirit of what makes this country so great will be used for political purposes beyond the control of their media personalities and provide the current government with a positive wind in their sails for a majority in 2010.

Olympics Vanoc 2010

82% of Canadians, 64% of Britons and 62% of Americans say the Vancouver Winter Olympics have been run “well” or “very well”-Angus Poll

Half of Canadians Say Current Economic Conditions Are Good - Angus Poll

The outlook for personal finances fares better, with 62 per cent of Canadians rating their situation as “good” or “very good”, and 36 per cent rating it negatively (only eight per cent of respondents call their position “very poor”).
Canadians mostly foresee economic conditions to remain unchanged over the course of the next six months (51%), but more than one third (35%) predict an improvement.

Political Leadership
Canadians place their trust to handle economic matters mostly in Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney (51%), followed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper (43%), and Official Opposition leader Michael Ignatieff (26%).

 "This is a significant moment in the history of our country," Mr. Ignatieff said in an interview at the Four Seasons Hotel. "There is just no question about it. It doesn't belong to any party, but it's obviously going to affect our politics this year." By that, Mr. Ignatieff says he means that Canada will emerge from this Olympic experience more confident and ambitious. Canadians' dreams might be bigger now, and they will expect the country's political leaders to have aspirations as big as theirs."The political question," he said, "is who will benefit from that renewed sense of ambition, renewed sense of hope and renewed sense of faith? It's clear this is a huge political fact and we don't know how it's going to go." - CTV

It looks like the Bloc, Green, NDP and some Liberal voters don't vote CPC don't believe the Liberals are capable of doing a better job. 

The Coalition to Nowhere?

Provincial Outlook Executive Summary: Winter 2010 - The Conference Board of Canada

Document Highlights:

  • British Columbia will finish first this year, boosted in part by the Winter Olympic Games and a recovery in the decimated forestry sector.
  • Ontario is forecast to outpace the national average for the first time in nearly a decade in 2010. The provincial economy has been picking up speed over the last few months.
  • Quebec will experience only modest economic growth over the next two years, as the aerospace industry continues to suffer and public infrastructure stimulus winds down.
  • The Maritime provinces, along with Manitoba, will post real GDP growth of 2 per cent or less in 2010. These provinces did not falter as much during the recession.
  • New potash sales early this year will kick off the recovery in Saskatchewan.
  • Alberta’s energy sector is set to bounce back, while the resource sector will fuel a rebound in Newfoundland and Labrador, as both provinces emerge from the recession.

Jon Montgomery's Gold Earns Time With Big 'O'

Photo Credit Michael Sohn AP

Millions of Canadians watched him capture Olympic gold and celebrate by chugging a pitcher of beer.

Montgomery -- who lives and trains in Calgary -- has become a media darling since he slid to a gold medal in the Olympic skeleton event last week. Winnipeg Free Press

Own The Podium is supported by the athletes.

Great interview and great Canadian athletes get's an interview with the Big O.

Btw it is the Big O is not Obama. Let's hope Jon is able to cash in for his success in Vanoc 2010.
Video Clip with Brian Williams and Jon reviewing the beer moment.

Queen's Park Shows Leadership Against Destructive Campaign Against Israel


Will our members of Parliament follow the leadership of PC MPP Peter Shurman? Peter Shurman was able to unite ALL political parties and MPP's in our Ontario Legislature to admonish the destructive monologue on our University Campuses?

We will we squander the Olympic Spirit and return to gutter politics when our Federal leaders return to Ottawa?

Shurman gets Queen's Park to unite PDF Print E-mail
Shurman, the member from Thornhill, moved a resolution to condemn the now annual event on Canadian campuses known as Israeli Apartheid Week,
“I want to be clear about what it is I’m trying to do,” Shurman said. “I want the name changed. It’s that simple. It’s just wrong.”
Shurman said he had no objection to people criticizing Israel, or debating the thorny issues of Palestinians and the occupied territories.
“My problem is the name,” he said. “Israeli Apartheid Week is not dialogue, it’s a monologue. The name is hateful, it is odious and that’s not how things should be in my Ontario. It’s a term that frankly I’m sick of hearing. Get rid of this word apartheid.”

Bad word banned

Legislature passes Tory MPP’s condemnation of ‘apartheid’

Apartheid is an ugly word that just shouldn’t be used, Progressive Conservative MPP Peter Shurman said Thursday.
And he got all of Queen’s Park to agree.
Shurman, the member from Thornhill, moved a resolution to condemn the now annual event on Canadian campuses known as Israeli Apartheid Week,
“I want to be clear about what it is I’m trying to do,” Shurman said. “I want the name changed. It’s that simple. It’s just wrong.”
Shurman said he had no objection to people criticizing Israel, or debating the thorny issues of Palestinians and the occupied territories.
“My problem is the name,” he said. “Israeli Apartheid Week is not dialogue, it’s a monologue. The name is hateful, it is odious and that’s not how things should be in my Ontario. It’s a term that frankly I’m sick of hearing. Get rid of this word apartheid.”

The resolution passed with unanimous support from both the Liberals and the New Democratic Party.

Will Michael Ignatieff, Jack Layton, Stephen Harper, Gilles Duceppe join in passing an unanimous resolution and join the Ontario legislature in sending a message?

Additional Reading:

Friday, February 26, 2010

Women's Olympic Champions: No Apology Necessary

Let's hope the men's team can follow the Women's Gold Medal Win!
I am confident the majority of Canadians who were watching, cheering on our ladies last night, will not require an  APOLOGY. I DO NOT accept the double standard, how male athletes are excused for much worse behaviour on a regular basis. We can blame this on our tabloid style media for acting like bottom feeders AGAIN.

UPATE Photos
Photos Credits Win/Luke/SI

A word for the IOC, and reporters casting this as a negative incident: Please, just let Team Canada have their fun. What they did was refreshingly authentic. Don’t punish them for it.)-Luke Win SI.

UPDATE - Petti Fong

Initial reports that the International Olympic Committee was investigating the incident was downplayed by both the organization and the Canadian Olympic Committee.
Mark Adams with the IOC said there is no investigation but the committee has written to the Canadian Olympic Committee asking for an explanation of what happened. Hockey Canada has apologized for the actions of the women’s team.
“In the excitement of the moment, the celebration left the confines of our dressing room and shouldn’t,” they said in a statement. “The team regrets that its gold-medal celebrations may have caused the IOC or COC any embarrassment.”
COC president Michael Chambers said the women have nothing to apologize for.
“The players were very swift to express their regrets,” said Chambers Friday. “They know it was an error of judgment on their part.”
Chambers said, with a straight face, that it’s not uncommon for people to have a cold drink, including alcohol, after a hockey game.

Tewanee Joseph Is An example our Opposition Leaders Should Follow

Tewanee Joseph (left), executive director of the Four Host First Nations, said the 2010 Games changed Canadian attitudes about First Nations and that's only the beginning.

"I think the legacy will really be (for) us to carry it forward and new relationships to addressing the things like poverty and suicide and other things," Joseph said in an interview. "If we come together on a world stage like this, we can tackle those challenges and I think we can contribute more significantly to this country."
Joseph envisions a very different aboriginal community 10, 20 and 50 years from now.Turtle Island Native Network

Helping the four host First Nations with the Olympic legacy are cash payments from the federal and provincial governments ranging between $20 million and $30 million each.

Since 2003, aboriginal businesses have received $56.7 million in contracts, a 2010 Aboriginal Youth Legacy fund has benefited by more than $56,000 and 96 First Nations artists from across the country have been used to produce permanent art as part of the Venues Aboriginal Art Program. -Terri Theodore, The Canadian Press 26/02/2010

 Do you think this leadership is missing from our opposition parties in our Parliament who prefer to use publicity stunts?

Hey Joe, Harper Does Have Demographics on His Side.

Mr. Harper is trying to balance the budget in the next three to four years without derailing a fragile recovery. But many have noted that unlike the deficit-slaying era when Paul Martin was finance minister in the mid-1990s, Mr. Harper doesn't have demographics on his side. - Joe Friesen
In the last few months we have read, heard, watched numerous articles raising doubts about our retirement options in Canada. The recommendation by some in the left is to raise taxes, so our government can return our money when we retire in ten or fifteen years.
We have Canadian comedian Ron James  tell his audience he started eating cat food in preparation for the bleak future that await our senior years.
Instead of continually growing the government through inefficient taxes, civil service appointments, new regulation, more administration, why not examine, debate reduction in spending of government programs that are NOT critical?
Will Canadian voters support deep across the board cuts?
Source: Ekos Poll
Will voters continue to support strategic cuts into agenda driven NGO's, junk science and pet projects protected by the opposition parties?
The Liberals in the 1990's cut $ 25 Billion in transfers to provinces in Healthcare, Education and Social Services. They raised the requirements for eligibility for employment insurance and lost two seats out east while raising taxes. The Liberals were found guilty of illegally raising those taxes by the Supreme Court of Canada in a ruling of 7-0.
Canadian voters sent a message to the Liberals in 2006, 2008 and 2009. Growing government to return our money is not going to win many seats. Below is a small list of promises in 2008 from the government regarding the 'demographic time-bomb' and how they were rewarded at the Polls for getting it right.
Tax relief for seniors
• Will increase the Senior Age Credit Amount by an additional $1,000, on top of already planned increases.
• The age credit is available to Canadians aged 65 or older – approx. 4.4 million Canadians – subject to an eligibility phase-out based on income.
• By the fourth year of our government's term, this measure will raise the Senior Age Credit Amount from $5,177 to about $6,750, reducing seniors' tax bills by over $400-million per year. A senior receiving the full value of the credit will save more than $400 per year.
• Once the new increase is fully implemented, the cumulative effect of Conservative changes will be to raise from $12,627 to $17,673 the amount that a senior is able to earn tax-free.
• Will restore the 50% inclusion rate on U.S. Social Security payments to Canadian seniors.
• This lower inclusion rate will apply only to individuals who were receiving U.S. Social Security payments prior to January 1, 1996. It will apply on a go-forward basis only.
• Conservatives estimate this will return $20-million per year to affected seniors, based on testimony before the Standing Committee on Finance.
Read more:
EKOS Poll February 25, 2010 Highlights
Q. All things considered, would you say the Government of Canada is moving in the right direction (National)
  • 54% of 65+ demographic a gap of 21%
  • 83% CPC voters
  • 35% LPC voters
  • 26% NDP voters
  • 28% Green voters
 Sevice Canada , Service Canada Seniors, New Horizons For Seniors
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Toronto Star Reviving Liberal Policy

I give Jim Travers credit for playing the shell game in how to pin this on the CPC. Jimbo is trying to dampen the pride in our Olympics by recycling the detainee issue as an issue for the voters in March 2010. As the main cheerleader for the Liberals his position was threatened by Don Martin for several weeks. I can say without reservation if a Gold Medal was given for publishing Liberal talking points on a regular basis, Jim Travers would be the Olympic champion.

The CPC inherited the Liberal led government Program & Policies and made improvements. Only those who have a vested interest in weakening the current government on unproven allegations without ANY evidence have been pushing this agenda.

...the Prime Minister can only hope that next week's throne speech and budget will distract attention from something much worse: Worry that Canadians turned a systemically blind eye to their allies' shameful methods.  - Jim Travers Toronto Star Feb 25, 2010
 Thank you for confirming 'out of touch' narrative with most Canadians again during the most watched Olympics in our history.

In Montréal, Vancouver and Ottawa-Gatineau total weekly readership has remained unchanged since 2000. Readership has shifted from paid dailies to a combination of paid, free and online newspapers. In Toronto the migration acrossplatforms is similar, however this market is so fragmented that there has been a decline in total weekly readership.

They are resorting to giving it away for free during the Olympics.

About NADbank
NADbank Inc. (Newspaper Audience Databank) is the principal research arm of the Canadian daily newspaper industry. NADbank conducts research in Canadian markets to provide cost-effective and accurate in-depth marketing information for its members to assist in the buying and selling of newspaper advertising in Canada.

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If You Tax & Spend It: They Will Come

Federal Support to Provinces and Territories

In 2010-11, provinces and territories will receive $65 billion through major transfers (Canada Health Transfer, Canada Social Transfer, Equalization and Territorial Formula Financing), direct targeted support and trust funds – an increase of $976 million from the previous year.

Major Transfers

In 2009-10, provinces and territories received $53 billion in major transfers – an increase of $13.1 billion since 2005-06. These transfers were estimated to account for about 19 % of provincial and territorial revenues in that year.

Direct Targeted Support

Provinces and territories also benefit from significant investments in targeted areas such as labour market training, infrastructure and short-term policy priorities.Department of Finance


I have NOT graphed, highlighted any program or detail in spending. It is available on the website. In my recent drives from Toronto to Oakville via the 401, 403, QEW the amount of signs popping up for the beginning of the "construction" season makes me cringe in traffic jams!
The Economic Action Plan Website.

We have seen our opposition parties complain about our deficit in 2008 and within the same breath demand more spending. The opposition are upset the government has leaked no big changes planned for the budget in March 2010. EAP was a major shift to produce the largest deficit budget ever created in partnership with the Provinces and G20 to help us through this Global Recession. In the plan, the tap has not been shut off for stimulus until the recovery is well underway. 
Our opposition parties have suggested we have a "do-nothing" budget, will they introduce their alternatives to EAP in parliament? What specific program is underfunded and needs more Federal Support.


Will the opposition champion the pensions of our Public Unions, we fund abortion in the third world as their priorities?  What is in the Field of Dreams for the opposition parties for Federal Spending in March 2010?
 Empty Suits - Reuters Photo Credit Ognen Teofilovski

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Michael Ignatieff: Pick Me

Donkey- Shrek
Over the past year in the U.S. the Obama administration has hired "CZARS"  and Special Envoys with very little success and is viewed by many outside the Democratic Party as a patronage appointment for friends in high places.

The Liberals farther up north, still in pursuit  some pixie dust from the magic of  Hope & Change  in the U.S. have repeated at almost every opportunity for our government to hire a Special Envoy to head our priorities in Afghanistan, Auto Bailout and now Haiti . The meaning of accountability for the Liberals appears to hire former Liberals, set up a committee, issue reports, transfer money to other levels of government.

Jean Chretien - Gomery Inquiry
Also on Monday, the Liberals issued a news release attacking the government for declining to appoint a former prime minister as champion for Haiti. -Chronicle Herald
Is Michael Ignatieff  truly upset about our Prime Minister refusing to hire previous Liberals Paul Martin or Jean Chretien as the Special Envoy to Haiti?  Is this a part of the revised employment plan to help Canadians in dealing with this global recession?

Why does Michael want us to inflict on the Haitian people more suffering, by hiring former Liberals?  Does he think the business relationship they have developed will aid in the reconstruction efforts? The previous Liberal elders were unable or unwilling to prioritize in negotiating debt forgiveness for Haiti while they were in power.

Michael while you were thinking thoughts, busy planning your next publicity stunt to embarass our country and our government, some MP's in the government were busy at DOING the WORK that needed to be done. In February 2010, one of those member(s) of parliament helped negotiate a deal without the assistance of a Special Envoy.  His name was Jim Flaherty.

Is this the latest trial balloon for the Liberals? Undermine the efforts in Haiti?

Haiti was rated as the poorest nation in the western hemisphere even before the earthquake struck.
Canada's finance minister announced at a summit in Iqaluit, northern Canada, that Group of Seven countries planned to cancel Haiti's bilateral debts.Jim Flaherty said he would encourage international lenders to do the same.Some $1.2bn (£800m) of Haiti's debts to countries and international lending bodies has already been cancelled.
"We are committed in the G7 to the forgiveness of debt, in fact all bilateral debt has been forgiven by G7 countries vis-a-vis Haiti," Mr Flaherty said at the end of the two day gathering of finance ministers. - BBC News
After returning from your photo-ops, just visiting the Vancouver Olympics for a weekend, what are the alternatives to the March Budget, where are your plans to help cut spending, reign in the Federal Deficit, exit plan for Afghanistan and will you introduce them for debate in parliament for review by all parties?


Just repeat  "It is not my budget, it is Harper's Budget" as you did in 2009? Your leadership numbers have tanked since you began these stunts. Running Radio or Youtube spots will not repair your reputation or fortune at the ballot box. Doing the real work you were elected to do will.

Canadians are much smarter than you and your party give them credit.
 Photo Op wrong field Decrying Spending- Liberal Alternative Zero
Protest in Oakville Two Liberal MP's+ Staff
Protest of twenty-two sitting days: protest led by NDP

Monday, February 22, 2010

Liberal Michelle Simson : Politicizing Olympics No March Break For You!

The Liberals have a pattern of using divisive politics and attacking people for not sharing their views. They regularly attack people of faith, and our American neighbour to the south.
Michelle Simson has been doing a great job in reminding Canadians on why a break from politicians is necessary. She earned the recognition as of  The 10 most irritating politicians of 2009 - Jane Taber.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government is sending a message that the Paralympics aren't important by forcing MPs to be in Ottawa during the games, says Liberal MP Michelle Simson.

The request by the Government to eliminate the 22 day sitting day delay has been forwarded to other party leaders in which they can support or REJECT. Your own leader agreed to the cancellation of your March break holiday!
"Once Parliament resumes, there will be a lot of work to do," Gordon O'Connor, the government whip, wrote in an e-mail to his Conservative colleagues. "There is no reason for the House of Commons to take constituency breaks during these weeks. Quite frankly, we would be surprised if the opposition disagreed."
The Liberals and the Bloc Quebecois, at least, are onside with Mr. O'Connor.
Michelle did you NOT get the Memo? -No March Break For You! No March Break For Parliament.

In 2009, during work in committee Michelle felt compelled to insult and disparage a Conservative MP for being overweight. A real class act our Liberal MP.

“M.P. Del Mastro should grow up (not out),” she wrote during a meeting of the all-party ethics committee earlier today. She added later: “Gosh, I hate to see a grown M.P. pout. Smile, Dean!”

Her weak Apology in Question Period :
Ms. Simson: Mr. Speaker, I, too, sat through the committee meeting today and listened to a great deal of disparaging remarks about myself and my party. That said, if there is anything I said that offended the member, I am sorry. To say one should grow up and not out was out of line and I do apologize. Growing up and growing out is not something I should have said to the hon. member. 

Michelle Simson has a pattern of these embarrassing stunts as noted

Liberal MP Michelle Simson tweets with glee at Rahim Jaffer’s arrest

Is this a time with the world watching, to play games for political advantage? If you are a Liberal perhaps, shame on Michelle Simson for helping Canadians become more cynical of our elected representatives.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Has The Coalition Learned From Their Mistakes?

A former NDP national campaign director, he writes uncommonly well for someone who's been in the business of clip and spin.- Norman Spector on Brian Topp's book.
The not so funny period following the economic update started a plan that was developed years ago by a leader of a party that have never won 20% of the popular vote.
  • Dion did not have permission to offer the NDP a seat at the table.
  • Bob Rae was kept in the shadows.
  • Gilles Duceppe thought the photo of himself included might not sell well out West.
  • The letter sent to the GG in 2004 was not the same as the one in 2008.
  • Jack Layton viewed the 2004 letter as a "pressure tactic".
  • Harper and Duceppe did not complain after the NDP reneging on the letter labelling it a coalition government agreement in 2004.
  • Chretien was being offered to lead the coalition by a Liberal elder.
Judging from the proposals recently put forward by Messrs. Ignatieff and Layton to prevent the Governor-General from ever again agreeing to prorogue the House in a situation akin to December 2008 -- proposals that are anticipated in the final part of Topp's book -- that certainly would appear to be the game plan.-Norman Spector
Did Jack or Brian forget to compare notes before publishing this book about the agreement in 2004 and how it was identical to 2008. You can decide.
Many of us believe the Coalition has the real hidden agenda and will try to limit the power of the GG and the Prime Minister 2010/2011. The goal for Jack, Michael (Bob) will be to win enough seats to form a minority without the Bloc and remove their confidence within the first few weeks after the next General Election.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Olympics & Nationalism vs. Political Games

The strategists left on the payroll of the Liberal Party are forced to pause their divisive politics. 
The LPOC since 2000 have been self-immolating with Chretien, Martin, Dion and now Ignatieff. Bob Rae is positioned as the next successor to the Liberal Party.
The apologists for the Liberals would like it to rest squarely on the shoulders of Dion the historical record low in support P.O.P.. They blame his communication skills, his Carbon Tax Policy, the CTV airing his fumbled interview days before the election. They also blame the negative television ads that framed him a "Not-A-Leader".
It has been over a decade since the Liberals were given a majority. The perfect storm or stars aligning to return them to power for most people is simply not a SERIOUS consideration.
The majority of Canadians have not warmed up to the latest mouthpiece to lead the party in December of 2009. His numbers and support have fallen faster than Dion's in terms of leadership.
Is it realtistic to expect a six week campaign with a leader polling worse leadership numbers than Dion to re-ignite the Liberal voter or our nation?
The Liberals have asked voters to pick them to stop Harper's since 2004 from a hidden agenda. They have regularly asked NDP, Bloc, Green voters to switch to only party that can prevent a CPC majority.
Smiles, nationalism, Olympics are toxic for opposition parties pushing negative stories
Marginalized : The cast and crew of destructive politics and self loathing risk the wrath of consumers, voters for being overly critical and negative during this time in our nation.
Voter Apathy in NOT just the Youth
The turnout rate among 18 to 24 year olds remains low. Youth turnout went from 37 percent in 2004 up to 43.8 percent in 2006, and back down to 37.4 percent in 2008, However, it should be noted that, for the 2008 general election, other age groups had even larger declines, including those aged 35 to 44 years old (a decrease of 7.8 percentage points), 45 to 54 year olds (a decrease of 10.3 percentage points), and 55 to 64 year olds (a decrease of 9.8 percentage points). Part of the decline observed in youth turnout may therefore be due to factors other than age. - Elections Canada
The Liberals managed to make history in the October 14, 2008 General Election: one of the worst results in popular vote for the party in over 100 years.  Since than losing all four contests in 2009.
Are the opposition parties and MSM skating on very thin ice if they focus on the negative in March 2010 as the Parliament re-opens?
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Canadian Treasure: Our Sons & Daughters in Uniform

Lieutenant-Colonel Omer Henry Lavoie photo by Brian Hutchinson NP
What they found was the battle of Panjwai. It was force-on-force battle against an enemy that employed a classic Soviet tactical defence. It was 16 weeks of pitched battles, air strikes and bloodshed. - Adam Day
"I am biased but I think they learned the lesson the hard way when they decided to concentrate their forces and tried to take us on in a very conventional fashion," the colonel said. "These were very uncharacteristic insurgent tactics."After that they reverted back to more characteristic tactics with IEDs and more hit-and-run ambushes.- Lt-Col. Omer Henry Lavoie
That operation remains by far the bloodiest battle of NATO's Afghan war and the Taliban's greatest defeat. As many as 1,000 insurgents were killed late that summer. So were several dozen men from Lavoie's Royal Canadian Regiment battle group. - Mathew Fisher
As Canadians we have a lot to be proud of, whether at home or far from home, we are a young country with a proud history.
 Mellisa we ARE proud of your dedication to being a positive role model and efforts in reaching this level in sport! 
Please visit and drop a short thank you ------>

We are hosting the World with the Winter Olympics and we are witnessing excellence in sport. Let's show our National Pride and support our athletes in reaching their goals regardless if they reach the podium.
 Fans at Curling!
....the city is already bursting at the seams with tens of thousands of fans spilling out of venues and into central Vancouver at night to celebrate. "It is so Canadian to be modest ... but we are thrilled to see that kind of coverage," Games spokeswoman Renee Smith-Valade said."The weather is beautiful, the sports are fantastic, the athletes are happy ... to have it recognized in the international press is so gratifying," she said.-Reuters