Friday, February 26, 2010

Hey Joe, Harper Does Have Demographics on His Side.

Mr. Harper is trying to balance the budget in the next three to four years without derailing a fragile recovery. But many have noted that unlike the deficit-slaying era when Paul Martin was finance minister in the mid-1990s, Mr. Harper doesn't have demographics on his side. - Joe Friesen
In the last few months we have read, heard, watched numerous articles raising doubts about our retirement options in Canada. The recommendation by some in the left is to raise taxes, so our government can return our money when we retire in ten or fifteen years.
We have Canadian comedian Ron James  tell his audience he started eating cat food in preparation for the bleak future that await our senior years.
Instead of continually growing the government through inefficient taxes, civil service appointments, new regulation, more administration, why not examine, debate reduction in spending of government programs that are NOT critical?
Will Canadian voters support deep across the board cuts?
Source: Ekos Poll
Will voters continue to support strategic cuts into agenda driven NGO's, junk science and pet projects protected by the opposition parties?
The Liberals in the 1990's cut $ 25 Billion in transfers to provinces in Healthcare, Education and Social Services. They raised the requirements for eligibility for employment insurance and lost two seats out east while raising taxes. The Liberals were found guilty of illegally raising those taxes by the Supreme Court of Canada in a ruling of 7-0.
Canadian voters sent a message to the Liberals in 2006, 2008 and 2009. Growing government to return our money is not going to win many seats. Below is a small list of promises in 2008 from the government regarding the 'demographic time-bomb' and how they were rewarded at the Polls for getting it right.
Tax relief for seniors
• Will increase the Senior Age Credit Amount by an additional $1,000, on top of already planned increases.
• The age credit is available to Canadians aged 65 or older – approx. 4.4 million Canadians – subject to an eligibility phase-out based on income.
• By the fourth year of our government's term, this measure will raise the Senior Age Credit Amount from $5,177 to about $6,750, reducing seniors' tax bills by over $400-million per year. A senior receiving the full value of the credit will save more than $400 per year.
• Once the new increase is fully implemented, the cumulative effect of Conservative changes will be to raise from $12,627 to $17,673 the amount that a senior is able to earn tax-free.
• Will restore the 50% inclusion rate on U.S. Social Security payments to Canadian seniors.
• This lower inclusion rate will apply only to individuals who were receiving U.S. Social Security payments prior to January 1, 1996. It will apply on a go-forward basis only.
• Conservatives estimate this will return $20-million per year to affected seniors, based on testimony before the Standing Committee on Finance.
Read more:
EKOS Poll February 25, 2010 Highlights
Q. All things considered, would you say the Government of Canada is moving in the right direction (National)
  • 54% of 65+ demographic a gap of 21%
  • 83% CPC voters
  • 35% LPC voters
  • 26% NDP voters
  • 28% Green voters
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Hinchey's Store said...

Very interesting - even some of the opposition supporters think the government is moving in the right direction.

And while we're at it, Seniors, who have the most life experience are staunch supporters of the current government. Gotta love demographics!

Hinchey's Store said...

I forgot to mention that I'm surprised people look at those kinds of results and spin something completely different out of them...

CanadianSense said...

The media used a great deal of resources in painting our government as undemocratic for a 22 delay of sitting parliament which Harper neutered with offer to cancel March Break.

The Liberal and Bloc agreed. Perogie stunt made media and opps look foolish. (Mocking prorogue pajamas protesters on FB/NDP)

The MSM are unable to push fake stories without any real content for very long.

The Seniors are the MOST important demographic, they are growing and the CPC have a sizeable majority of them onside.

Our parents, grandparents don't want rely on a big nannystate funded on our backs. They have lived through World Wars and a Depression. They understand what sacrifice and savings for your future means.

The opposition are unable to hold an adult conversation. Ottawa has billions of tax dollars that need gutting and if we adopt user fees (taxes) for future program growth they get hysterical.

Framing Fee vs Tax (Who cares?)
1) Charge the Airline "XX" who pass the cost to us anyways
2) Put the cost of "XX" on the passenger taking the flight.
3) 80% of us live within 200km of the US and can AVOID these user fees (taxes), long lineup by flying out of a regional or smaller airport.

Let the market sort it out!

Anonymous said...

First of all in my 20 years of retirement I have never kept as much of my income for myself as I do now.

Martin clawed back my old age pension, although I paid for that
pension over a lifetime of working.

Mr Harper support for every day Seniors is very much appreciated.

I live in a Seniors park in Kelowna B.C. Support for the Harper Government was at 72% at the last election. Next time it will be even a larger mandate

Best poll of all is a chance to vote for a Harper majority.

Jen said...

If you have to do display a homework of the things the conservatives did for this country in comparison to the liberals, they will not believe you, they can't. No fault of theirs CS, but the national media. They bare the responsibility for barring the PM and his accomplishment from the public.
The National Media work solely for the LPOC and non other not even for the canadian public.
So whatever the plans the conservatives have for the seniors is deliberately withheld from them(seniors)at the same time twisting every word which are implimented by the conservatives for the seniors.
Now, here is the deal, where you have to pay a close attention too.
The liberals have no policy that we know off. So, what the media does, they take whatever 'good' the prime minister does for this country and twist it make it negative to the point it sounds nasty then when the liberals ever return, they(media and liberals) take the 'good' intentions of this prime minister and used it for themselves. That's the liberals/media 'HIDDEN AGENDA.'Has been their strategy for years.

CanadianSense said...


the scary sad truth leading up to the election for Oct 2008, the CPC offered a small list of campaign promises around $ 10-15 Billion understanding the reason for contraint. The opposition platforms were in excess of $ 30 Billion each. Who was in denial of tough economic conditions before the bottom fell out?

The_Iceman said...

What you need to do to win elections is to focus your time and energy on winning young people, the smallest voting demographic least likely to show up to vote.

Children are the future!

CanadianSense said...


funny, that strategy has been working out well for the NDP, Greens, let's hope the Liberals keep going to university campuses pubs for examples of democratic participation.

Is your avator/icon is it the Norrin Radd aka the Silver Surfer?