Saturday, February 20, 2010

Olympics & Nationalism vs. Political Games

The strategists left on the payroll of the Liberal Party are forced to pause their divisive politics. 
The LPOC since 2000 have been self-immolating with Chretien, Martin, Dion and now Ignatieff. Bob Rae is positioned as the next successor to the Liberal Party.
The apologists for the Liberals would like it to rest squarely on the shoulders of Dion the historical record low in support P.O.P.. They blame his communication skills, his Carbon Tax Policy, the CTV airing his fumbled interview days before the election. They also blame the negative television ads that framed him a "Not-A-Leader".
It has been over a decade since the Liberals were given a majority. The perfect storm or stars aligning to return them to power for most people is simply not a SERIOUS consideration.
The majority of Canadians have not warmed up to the latest mouthpiece to lead the party in December of 2009. His numbers and support have fallen faster than Dion's in terms of leadership.
Is it realtistic to expect a six week campaign with a leader polling worse leadership numbers than Dion to re-ignite the Liberal voter or our nation?
The Liberals have asked voters to pick them to stop Harper's since 2004 from a hidden agenda. They have regularly asked NDP, Bloc, Green voters to switch to only party that can prevent a CPC majority.
Smiles, nationalism, Olympics are toxic for opposition parties pushing negative stories
Marginalized : The cast and crew of destructive politics and self loathing risk the wrath of consumers, voters for being overly critical and negative during this time in our nation.
Voter Apathy in NOT just the Youth
The turnout rate among 18 to 24 year olds remains low. Youth turnout went from 37 percent in 2004 up to 43.8 percent in 2006, and back down to 37.4 percent in 2008, However, it should be noted that, for the 2008 general election, other age groups had even larger declines, including those aged 35 to 44 years old (a decrease of 7.8 percentage points), 45 to 54 year olds (a decrease of 10.3 percentage points), and 55 to 64 year olds (a decrease of 9.8 percentage points). Part of the decline observed in youth turnout may therefore be due to factors other than age. - Elections Canada
The Liberals managed to make history in the October 14, 2008 General Election: one of the worst results in popular vote for the party in over 100 years.  Since than losing all four contests in 2009.
Are the opposition parties and MSM skating on very thin ice if they focus on the negative in March 2010 as the Parliament re-opens?
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Anonymous said...

CBC trying to spin in a negative way the huge rally of support for the troops by the citizens of Trenton. I know the CBC would like to demoralize the troops and paint them as future hidden monsters, but this is ridiculous.

Nothing but negativity from the CBC and the Liberals.

The_Iceman said...

I have noticed a recent trend towards Liberals accusing the PMO of "playing political games" while the opposition has been themselves playing political games. The best example was on the foreign abortion issue. They were playing a dangerous political game while simultaneously accusing the government of playing a game.

CanadianSense said...

favourite line from R.H. on his post.regarding the games they are playing.

Thucydides said...

Bob Rae?

What about the Young Dauphin?

Internal Liberal politics is probably more fun to watch than a barrel of monkeys.

CanadianSense said...

The Young Dauphin is more credible after taking a Bloc seat, but Quebec as the key to the elusive majority days are over. The aging population and their restrictive polices will only further weaken their weaken their role.

Ontario, BC and AB are going to gain 38 seats in 2013*.
The NDP and CPC will pick up the seats from the slowly dying Liberals who may survive in Montreal, Toronto only, and Atlantic.
Those 7/92 are unlikely to remain Liberals for much longer. Goodale will be the last seat to go out west.