Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Daycare Necessary For Liberal Party

Are the Liberals so desperate they are forced to recycle the same old Red Book Promise for a National Daycare

Program and our media refusing to expose their track record?

are they relaunching specific Policies to bring the NDP/Bloc back into a revised Coalition Agreement?

Track Record on Keeping promises in out of power:
  1. With a majority, surplus No National Daycare Program.
  2. Reparations and apology for Italians now! In power "case closed".
  3. Pay Equity, in power chose to fight women through the Courts, out of power blame Conservatives.

In 2005...
Dryden faces the task of pulling together 14 jurisdictions to forge a deal that was first promised 12 years ago.
The minority Liberal government has pledged $5 billion over five years and seems determined to have a deal in place before they wind up back on the election trail, possibly within two years.

OECD deems child care 'fragmented' in Canada 2005

Canada's child-care system amounts to a money-wasting patchwork of programs that provide parents with babysitting, but offer kids little in the way of early education, a new report says.
The Paris-based Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development says in a report released Monday that the "fragmented services" for kids nationwide have left Canadian youngsters trailing their counterparts in other industrialized countries.  Order Book
Despite skipping Quebec, the four OECD investigators singled out la belle province as the only one setting an example worth following. Quebec singularly accounts for 40 per cent of all regulated child-care spaces in Canada, the report says.
National Daycare revisited is another plank to help foster the Coalition through the backdoor ADOPT Bloc and NDP friendly ideas.
Cue: The Special Interest Groups demanding Daycare and free publicity for the coalition parties policies and platform over the next few weeks.
 CPC 2005 Position
A Conservative government would budget more than $5-billion over five years for child care, in the form of direct subsidies to families as well as for conventional daycare space, Ms. Ambrose said. In addition, the Tories propose to slash taxes for families with young children, and provide tax credits for businesses with on-site daycare's.-Andrew Coyne
Over the past 25 years, the Liberals have lost all but one (2004) of the campaigns they fought against a united Conservative party. They are now a spent force in large areas of the country. The dice are loaded against their return to power, especially with a national majority.- Chantal Herbert
In 2009 the Liberals fail to make ANY amendments to the Budget or SPECIFIC detailed requests for Priorities in a minority government led by the CPC as a condition for support and confidence. Below is a Liberal demanding the Federal Government help Toronto. Why did the Liberals REFUSE to make it a CONDITION for support in January budget?


Anonymous said...

IMO Peter Donolo is trying to recycle Ignatieff into Chretien. That includes recycling the 1993 Red Book promises for daycare and bemoaning the plight of us poor disadvantaged women.

So far he has been dressing Ignatieff in a "gee I'm just the little guy from Boston" denim shirt and Ignatieffs extremely poor diction and talking a lot without saying anything is fitting right into the Chretien mold.

Also, Donolo is tight tight tight with pollsters since he is one so make sure the polls scew to your guy and your media toadies make the headlines big, bold and Liberal bravado.

One difference- Chretien vowed to abolish the GST - Liberals seem to want to increase it. Oh, and Social Justive" is a weasel phrase for socialism but sounds better.

The_Iceman said...

Notice how Iggy says he can't know what he's going to do until he's in power? Honestly if this is such a crisis why not present a plan and start negotiations?

Could it be because no such plan exists?

R. G. Harvie said...

Good post.

The National Daycare program will be yet another in a long list of over-priced, underperforming government programs the Liberals will deliver if elected.

And, then once created, like with health care, they will likely slash funding to "balance their budgets", leaving the provinces holidng the tab while still paying poorly conceived "equalization payments", or, to borrow a phrase, continuing the policy of "taxation without representation".