Saturday, February 20, 2010

Canadian Treasure: Our Sons & Daughters in Uniform

Lieutenant-Colonel Omer Henry Lavoie photo by Brian Hutchinson NP
What they found was the battle of Panjwai. It was force-on-force battle against an enemy that employed a classic Soviet tactical defence. It was 16 weeks of pitched battles, air strikes and bloodshed. - Adam Day
"I am biased but I think they learned the lesson the hard way when they decided to concentrate their forces and tried to take us on in a very conventional fashion," the colonel said. "These were very uncharacteristic insurgent tactics."After that they reverted back to more characteristic tactics with IEDs and more hit-and-run ambushes.- Lt-Col. Omer Henry Lavoie
That operation remains by far the bloodiest battle of NATO's Afghan war and the Taliban's greatest defeat. As many as 1,000 insurgents were killed late that summer. So were several dozen men from Lavoie's Royal Canadian Regiment battle group. - Mathew Fisher
As Canadians we have a lot to be proud of, whether at home or far from home, we are a young country with a proud history.
 Mellisa we ARE proud of your dedication to being a positive role model and efforts in reaching this level in sport! 
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We are hosting the World with the Winter Olympics and we are witnessing excellence in sport. Let's show our National Pride and support our athletes in reaching their goals regardless if they reach the podium.
 Fans at Curling!
....the city is already bursting at the seams with tens of thousands of fans spilling out of venues and into central Vancouver at night to celebrate. "It is so Canadian to be modest ... but we are thrilled to see that kind of coverage," Games spokeswoman Renee Smith-Valade said."The weather is beautiful, the sports are fantastic, the athletes are happy ... to have it recognized in the international press is so gratifying," she said.-Reuters

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