Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dear Mr. President : Hockey Is Our Game

If Canada wins , Harper will purchase a case of Yuengling beer for Obama.
If the U.S. wins, Obama will purchase a case of Molson Canadian for Harper, says the Prime Minister's Office. -CTV

Now I am confused if CTV has reported this correctly or did we miss the tems of the BET. The Winner send a sympathy gift for the losing team?

Catch by LS on the CTV report in comments section.

24 Sussex 
Please call ahead for delivery instructions.

UPDATE Barack Obama will have to shell out $45.40 for a case of 24 Molson Canadian, after losing a bet to Stephen Harper.
The U.S. President can blame Sidney Crosby, who scored the winning goal in overtime to win the Olympic gold medal in men's hockey on Sunday. In American dollars, that would be about $43.20.
After the game, the Prime Minister visited the Canadian locker room, telling the players that he’s looking forward to receiving that case of Molson - Jane Taber

Additional Stories on The Beer Bet

President Barack Obama owes his Canadian counterpart a case of beer.- Yahoo News

Julian Linden at Reuters reports on the ERROR

The only problem was that they messed up the terms of the bet, with both offices issuing media statements that the winner had to buy the beer rather than the loser. -Reuters

The pair have wagered a case of beer on the outcome with the leader on the winning side buying the loser a little something to drown their sorrows, according to Harper's office.
If Canada win, Harper has to buy Obama a case of Yuengling beer. If the Americans win, Obama owes Harper a carton of Molson Canadian. - Reuters

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Frances said...

Trad is a better beer.

CanadianSense said...

Can you link it?

Patrick Ross said...

Someone please tell the President that I will happily accept a 2-4 of Canadian as well.

liberal supporter said...

You wrote it backwards at the top:
If Canada wins, Harper will purchase a case of Yuengling beer for Obama.
While later you talk of Obama buying the beer which makes more sense for the bet.

CanadianSense said...


thank you for catching the error, media, I copied and pasted two lines without double checking!

Will edit the win for lose

CanadianSense said...

After double checking several articles it looks like our MEDIA has reported the facts incorrectly, on television still and the dressing room statement was NOT correct.

The PMO owes OBAMA a case of beer to drown his sorrow for their loss.

liberal supporter said...

Ha ha, I didn't see all your updates.

I found these:
Obama owes Canadian.

Obama owes Canadian.

Obama owes Yuengling.

Obama owes Yuengling.

Obama owes Canadian. This one says both Obama and Harper's offices issued press releases that the winner would buy the beer.

Reuters wins for saying they both "unwittingly provided support for the popular belief that politicians cannot organize a booze-up in a brewery"!

I think they'll just have to have a summit to straighten this out, out?

CanadianSense said...

This confirms our media and politicians can't get their communications effectively 'reported'.

I believe a current politician would screw up the traditional bet for correctness.

Reminds me of our generation: kids birthdays parties for only the birthday child.

Today's generation giftbags for the guests!