Wednesday, February 03, 2010

No March Break For You!

In a true Seinfield move our Government has cancelled March Break and an additional week without the prior consent of the opposition parties to highlight the political games over prorogue.

The sitting days were reduced by 17 days and now have been restored unless the opposition refuse to honour this change. Checkmate Larry, Curly Moe!


Government Whip Gordon O’Connor sent an email to Tory MPs and senators today, telling everyone to change their schedules (i.e. cancel any vacation plans) to ensure they’re in town.-Globe & Mail

For Liberal Trolls This Video (Adult language)

 No Miami for you MP's!


The_Iceman said...

Is it official? If so that is a brilliant move.

hunter said...

Old Taber lies and says it was 4 months, what a lying hag!

The heat is back on the opposition, they have to agree or look like fools. I would love for them all to not show up, that would leave the government to govern, imagine the amount of bills that would get passed!

CanadianSense said...

If the media are interested in filming empty CPC chairs at staged publicity events for the opposition, it is only fair to keep them busy.

They were warned to stop playing games and offer real ideas in December 2008 and again in 2009. Nothing has changed.

I'd pull the plug and allow the voters to send another message to the stooges.

I have confidence in Canadians in retiring another dozen liberals.

Fay said...

Another great post!!! You are on Roll...I was watching Tom Clark when Robert Fife announced this at the end of his show. Tommy's face went very red and he appeared mad. Why would he care if he is allegedly non-partison.?

CanadianSense said...


thank you.

This is a win-win, demostrating how the issue was overblown by the media and the opposition for cheapshots against CPC led government and our constitution.

The media are complicit in driving this fakes story. Now if they ask the CPC about the prorogue the response is the missing days have been restored unless the opposition are refusing to get back to work!

Sucks for the Press and 3 stooges!
It is not difficult to make these morons in the war rooms look stupid. A pattern I have seen repeatedly is that Harper allows them enough rope to hang themselves with.

Remember the EAP inbalance claims, H1N1, Torch Relay etc.

They chase these fake scandals

Bec said...

The signs of a professional journalist hey Fay? A red angry face...haha, what a baby Tommy has been and is, honestly.

Great post CS!! You indeed are on a roll but doncha just love the ranters at the Globe piece? These people are truely pathetic and really, really uninformed on the REALITIES of Paliament.

CanadianSense said...

The Globe would make fora good liner if I had a bird cage, not much else.

The MSM and tabloid media have become activists and let their own agenda steer the stories.

I rarely watch the CBC or MSM. I am looking forward to the changes coming.

Calgary Junkie said...

From House of Commons Procedures and Practices

"Although the span of time in which the House has operated under the fixed calendar is relatively brief, since its institution [in 1982], the calendar has enjoyed an appreciable level of compliance.

Nevertheless, there have been departures from the calendar. The royal prerogatives of prorogation and dissolution, for example, are not in any way compromised by the existence of the House calendar.
In addition, the House has been recalled on occasion during an adjournment.[82]

The House has also agreed to vary the calendar, both by unanimous consent[83] and by the adoption of a motion following notice and debate.[84]"

Motions only require majority consent. So perhaps we will go that route, since I'm fairly certain we won't get unanimous consent.

The debates in the House should be entertaining. Will one of the three stooges go along with the extended session ? Impossible to tell with these guys.

Mutton Chops said...

Wonder how many Liberal MPs will stop showing up for "work" now that their vacations are screwed :)

CanadianSense said...

I have already found my childrens crayons, bristol board!
Should we start a March Break Facebook Group Up : Get Back To Work Opposition bums!

Bert said...

That is an awesome move. First of all, who else in the working world actually get's March break off, much less March Break and another week off in April ?. I sure wish I did. Second of all, the opposition parties rave on and on about the months supposedly lost during the prorogue. Now, somehow, they need to explain how 2 weeks equals a few months.

Jen said...

Opposition better have their early Easter break since they did not like the idea of their christmas break nor the break which the prime minister gave them so that those who bought tickets to the olympic game will have a chance to go. they did not like that idea.
the media purposely said that the porogued parliament four months which means the media(Taber)calculated as from Dec (which the liberals were in their holidays) right to March.

The media(craig, oliver etc have been holidaying for the past decades which they are still are.

Donnie McLeod said...

You forgot to mention that Harper will send to Haiti Baptists to protect their children from voodoo, a religion of evil. Any personal crisis is an opportunity for Jesus to be a personal saviour, Canada tax money will no longer be used to block Jesus as the only real safety net, Canada's tax money is now selling Jesus. Do you believe?

CanadianSense said...

Donnie organized religion is NOT the problem.

People claiming to belong to said group and using it for nefarious purposes is the real danger.

I don't care if you worship "cabbage patch dolls", helping people is a worthwhile effort.

I also don't remember introducing "religion" into this topic.

I have made fun of the three stooges in opposition who have undermined our democratic institutions for playing games on a constitutional tool deployed 105 times in a country that is 105 years old. A 17-22 day delay of the parliament sitting, where the PM is in the minority and can be sent packing at the vote by the majority of MP's in the HOC.

I read you blog and understand you don't believe, np but do not think this is a place I will tolerate bashing or off topic posts.

Feel free to make fun of my blog regarding the PJ's Facebook outrage via perogies game as the undemocratic move by a despot.

It failed like many coalition stunts planned by the NDP.

CanadianSense said...

Typo of the 105 years old for Canada. I need to fix my comment system to allow edits,without full deletion.

CanadianSense said...


The tactician know as Harper is brilliant. The MSM has spent over four weeks fueling outrage for a short delay in parliament sitting.

Net result: The PM has shown the issue was fake by putting extra days back in the calendar without the prior consent of the three parties leaving them to complain how unfair and undemocratic this move is to force them to work and make up for the "Harper Holidays".

Cake anyone?


The PM has now increased his authority in the parliament by virtue of the relentless antics of our disloyal opposition. They again have refused to hold adult conversation and provide real ideas into the new budget for 2010.

Anonymous said...

I heard Harper is eliminating coffee and cookies for committees too.

Booyah! The strategic brilliance is awe-inspiring! You go Harper!

Never saw that coming, Taliban-loving opposition traitors, didya? DIDYA!!