Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: Canada Stands Tall

2010 was a great year for Canada at home with the rise of our nationalism through the Torch Relay, successful  Winter Games with the fourteen gold medals. Canada a bright light in year of global gloom.
The games started slow but our female athletes did us very proud. Our opponents could not catch a break. Today they are polling in fourth place in Quebec.

Canada stood tall on the International stage and raised its voice against antisemitism, brutality in Iran and China. For the first time in a very long time Canada has put the world on notice as we become an Energy Super power. 
Tom Brokaw explains Canada to the Americans.

Don Cherry Laurie Hawn with Troops
Our trust, support of the military has improved as a result of a sustained effort to rebuild our armed forces and their capability. From flood relief in Newfoundland, extraction on the 402 our sons and daughters are making a difference. The Highway of Heroes as reported in the United States.

Have a  Happy and Healthy New Year.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Conservative 2012

Sixteen ridings from October 2008 within five per cent. Pundits Guide
Will the Conservatives pick up another fifteen or twenty seats without big gains in Quebec? Has the track record of the Government improved enough to put those ridings into play for 2011-2012?

The Conservative government of Stephen Harper grew in strength, until by year’s end the likelihood of a majority government looms whenever an election is called. Sure, we have problems, but compared to the rest of the world we are fortunate. Our banking system is so reliable and conservative, that it’s the backbone of the country and is saving us all. For the moment.

Canadian manufacturers will drive the economic recovery next year, picking up the slack left by debt-strapped consumers despite the loonie staying at or near parity, the country’s main industrial lobby says in a new report.
According to Pollster Darrel Brick from Ispos Ried the Conservatives Own every economic question by 20-25 points.’s survey of more than 200 hiring managers nationwide found 70% of employers are in a better financial position today than they were one year ago.

It is eerily strange reading the comments on Lib blogs and some newspapers that feel the public want a change to Liberals. It is as if they are not in touch with reality of regular Canadians. If an election is triggered by the tin foil brigade I am confident the low hanging fruit will be replaced.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Liberal Party of Canada: WKRP In Cincinnati

American Sitcom:  Promotions Publicity Lessons for Liberals
As 2010 comes to a close it would be safe to conclude the recruiting of Michael Ignatieff from the United States  to succeed Paul Martin as PM, canceling a leadership contest for May 2009 was as successful as the WKRP In Cincinnati - Thanksgiving promotion. The American sitcom ran from 1978-1982.  In this episode ART "Big Guy" Carlson the owner of the radio station was instrumental in planning this promotion. It was called Turkey's Away.  Enjoy!

Mr. Ignatieff has also changed since entering public office. He's more relaxed, less inclined to play the visiting professor talking down to a nation of dull-witted students. But he's got some tough selling to do. For one thing, the "big broad tent" of Liberalism has been reduced to the city of Toronto and a few outposts in Vancouver and Montreal. Liberals still claim to be a national party but have a tough time proving it. Their one-time dominance of Quebec is long gone, meaning they actually have to compete seriously in other parts of the country. Even Toronto, its final stronghold, appears under threat by a suburban revolt represented by the florid new mayor, Rob Ford, who thinks "average Canadian" means Don Cherry.
Mr. Ignatieff also has an argument with a hole in it. If the Liberal agenda is in such great demand, why does he have to sell it so hard? If Canadians are so fervently demanding an alternative, how come the polls after five years of Tory government are almost exactly where they were at the start? It suggests the diagnosis may be correct, but the remedy is faulty. Canadians may indeed want something different, but the Liberals evidently aren't it.
Mr. Ignatieff is preaching "investment" in social programs at a time Canadians show every sign of being tapped out. Again and again in his own year-end CTV interview, Mr. Harper identified the economy as the overriding issue, and reminded Canadians they've done pretty well under Tory stewardship.-Kelly McParland

"It just shows the strength of the Tory positioning because they're seen as the best on the biggest issue," he said. "The Liberals haven't found an issue, but the Tories have a 20 to 25 per cent advantage on just about every economic question you want to ask."-Darrel Bricker Ispos Ried

H/T Nicola Timmerman on Ignatieff

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Liberal Vuvuzela Communication Strategy

Vuvuzela: Coalition Communication 2011
It is clear to most Canadians the communications strategy deployed by the Liberal left coalition is not working in driving support for a change in government. It appears the coalition are intent in continuing the vuvuzela effect in 2011. A cheap plastic noisemaker.

Will Michael Ignatieff's European Vacation provide him with an opportunity to improve on his messaging in 2011?  Will the Liberals drop the political stunts in 2011 to focus on the economy and jobs? Many of us don't expect the Separatist Bloc or the NDP to be taken seriously but in tacking left and pretending to be socialists the Liberals are looking the least consistent.The Liberals gutted the health, education and social programs. Ignatieff talks about those cuts with pride and balancing the books on the most vulnerable.

Noisemaker of the Year?
After listening to the endless buzzing noises from the opposition benches about issues that don't matter to the majority of Canadians for the last few years, a new communication strategy is in order. If the Liberals fail to make the appropriate changes, Canadians will continue to tune out the opposition and MSM cheerleaders crying wolf every other week.

Canadian Crowds Dominate in Buffalo

Canadians have not lost their Olympic Spirit after hosting the most successful Winter Olympics in history. The rise of Canadian nationalism is evident on those welcoming the fallen heroes from Afghanistan . Canada is not favoured to win the World Juniors as the U.S. are defending champions but Canadians are not buying it.

Sixty five per cent of ticket sales are to Canadians and as a result Beer Sales are up! Canadians are helping boost the local economy in Buffalo, New York. That famous beer pitcher pass to Olympic Gold medal winner clip is here.

Paint the town Red!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Quebec vs Ontario: Liberal Graveyard?

Is Quebec ready to join the rest of Canada at the federal table? Some high profile Quebec citizens think so. The Separatist-Bloc have had an interesting run with dominating Federal Quebec politics starting with the Mulroney-Bouchard fallout in 1993. Will the newest movement of conservatism in Quebec be able to help the Federal conservatives?

If the voters in are ready to punish the Charest Liberal's; will the Federal Liberals in Quebec  be punished if they face the voters before the Charest government triggers an election?
Liberal-NDP coalition in Quebec?
At 42 per cent, the combined Liberal/NDP score just about matches the Liberal result in Quebec in the last Chrétien campaign in 2000. Back then the NDP barely managed to win 2 per cent of the province’s popular vote.-Liberals, NDP deluding themselves in Quebec

Ontario has been the game changer in my opinion not Quebec in the last four general election cycles. The West, Atlantic Canada and Quebec have been consistent along their party lines. The Pundit's Guide has a detailed analysis of Quebec voters here. The Federal Liberals have given back sixty-two seats in Ontario to the Conservatives and NDP since 2000. The Separatist Bloc are not a factor in the largest province that hold one hundred and six seats. If the Democratic reform is passed without changes Ontario stands to gain another eighteen seats.
Is it realistic for Quebec voters to expect more friendly policies without a larger presence at the cabinet table? Ontario alone sends fifty-one Conservatives to sit on the Federal Government side. Quebec  with seventy five seats, the second largest province sent  ten Conservatives to Ottawa. If Quebec wants a larger role in Ottawa they need to send at least twenty five percent of their MP's to the side of the governing party.  Are Quebec voters capable of sending twenty Conservatives to Ottawa in the next general election. No one thinks so.

HST flip flops, G20 criticism,  Dalton's Cabinet-poaching
Ontario is the battleground and it appears Ignatieff has a strained relationship with the Premier Dalton McGuinty His brother David McGuinty is the house leader for the Federal Liberal Party of Canada in Ottawa. How will this affect the family and the cooperation of Liberals Federally-Provincially in the upcoming elections? Ontario is slated for October 2011. Will the provincial Liberals risk  draining their volunteers, by deploying their team to help their Federal cousins if an election is triggered this summer?

Is Ontario capable of going from fifty-one to seventy-one Conservatives? After the sweeping  victory by Rob Ford in Toronto and the win in Vaughan of Julian Fantino it is more likely than a shift in Quebec.

These issues are not top of mind nationally but may impact the local campaign in Ontario. Jobs, the economy and who do the voters trust may be the most important factor in determining how big the sweep of the Liberals from official opposition to third or fourth party status. Will Dion get the last laugh?
  1. HST flip flop by Ignatieff
  2. Criticism of G20 policing in Toronto
  3. Voluntary or requested resignation of Labour Minister Peter Fonseca
Ignatieff is on an European vacation and has promised once again to not support the Conservative agenda. He has done this since May 2009. Clearly Ignatieff is not listening to his advisers or taking their advice in keeping his powder dry. It is a mistake to warn in advance your intention if you are going to roll over again and be unprepared to fight an election. Ignatieff is a political rookie and it is showing in his communication.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Federal Politics: Ignatieff Biggest Loser in 2010?

West Montreal consists of three ridings: Liberals are upset Larry Smith is running
I am puzzled lately by Liberal-left decision to repeat the same tactics that have proven to unsuccessful since 2004. We have seen these personal attacks on Rob Ford, Nigel Wright, Julian Fantino and Larry Smith become an obsession by the media and the left.
Pundits Guide Lac-Saint-Louis safe Liberal seat
For the most part, Torontonians recognized one thing about their city after two terms of David Miller: Taxes had gone up but services had not increased or improved.
Just as Toronto’s mayoral candidates left voters lukewarm by talking about how to spend taxpayer’s money, the federal Liberals find themselves discussing spending rather than the Harper government’s failed fiscal performance. Worse, the Liberals are doing so when Canadians believe there is little federal money for jobs and pensions, and that programs like health care may soon be under siege. And it never helps to embolden Conservatives to label you “tax and spend” Liberals in a tough economy.-Ian Davey

Rob Ford was not consumed with attacking the policies of his opponents. and giving them  a spotlight. He was going to improve customer service at City Hall and reduce the burden on the taxpayer. Rob has been successful because voters had faith in his platform.

Liberals are consumed with personal attacks and their platform remains hidden. Many of these successful people bring a wide set of skills, experience that is reflected in their participation in the private sector, municipal politics, law enforcement, public service, professional sport and philanthropic activity. It appears the Liberals have a problem with people wanting to join the other parties.

Ignatieff prior to leaving for his European vacation has announced again they will not be supporting the budget unless it scrap the military purchase of nine billion for sixty-five jets. The costs are not finalized, delivery is not expected until 2016. Liberals now find themselves under siege from Conservative, NDP, Bloc, Green parties and voters.

It appears Ignatieff is going to ask the NDP or Bloc to support the Conservatives when they return with a new budget. The Liberals did this in September 2009 and spent all of 2010 trying to apologize for having presented little as credible alternative. Is this latest stunt an attempt to keep his job as leader or deflect attention to the fourth quarter fundraising numbers?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

CBC Ignatieff Love Fest

Evan spends nearly thirty minutes trying to help Michael Ignatieff with his year end interview, apology to Liberal voters on Power and Politics. The CBC's refusal to ask tough questions and demand a better performance is actually hurting the Liberals regain any credibility. The apology to Liberals is here.

CBC has earned over 900 complaints on Access to information.
Evan opens the clip with issues and controversy. Sadly the crisis as defined by the CBC are not on the radar for most Canadians. The CBC seems to think the opposition parties are in touch with the general public. I just can't find an election since 2004 that can back it up. Frank Graves 'culture war' advice can't be taken seriously as the Conservatives have been in power for five years. The hidden agenda rhetoric from the Liberals can't work without a political war chest. 

The changes by Chretien in eliminating big donations from Bay Street and Unions has hurt the Liberals. They have never recovered from those changes they imposed unilaterally. Some suggest Chretien did it to spite the Martin Liberals who pushed him out of the party.

Liberals NDP don't think F 35 is necessary.
The Liberals-NDP lost a vote in parliament. Liberal Senator Colin  Kenney and Romeo Dallaire also support the decision of the Federal Government to participate in the JSF program and purchase sixty-five F35A's to replace the aging CF 18 starting in 2016. The Liberals have chosen to ignore those experts on this matter.

Evan fails to point out the Liberals in the Senate, Aerospace Industry experts, Bloc MPs that support the policy. On the campaign the conflicts between the Liberals and experts won't be brushed aside.

  • CF 18 replacement with F 35's as explained by Laurie Hawn
  • Census Debate: The removal of fines, jail terms and mandatory compliance is a crisis?
  • The Long Gun Registry flip flopping by Liberal and NDP MPs on third reading?
  • Additional funding to provide housing, rehabilitation for violent criminals as new laws may increase the prison population.
Ignatieff believes Liberals will benefit from Rob Ford voters.

Federal Conservatives have been criticized for not funding a parade in Montreal and the Edmonton Expo bid by the Liberals. Rob Ford is also looking to reducing or eliminating some spending including parades. Will Ignatieff  praise  Rob Ford decision in demanding more private participation for these events?
“There’s no federal program to fund professional sports facilities..“People don’t want an election. And Canadians would have trouble understanding why, in the midst of a recovery, of a very fragile global economy, the Opposition parties or any party would force an election,” he said. “Canada is faring better than others, but times are tough and it’s the responsibility of all the parties in Parliament to focus on the economy, and that’s what we’re doing.” -PM on French TV network

The Bloc, Liberals and NDP are all onside for giving Federal tax dollars to build an NHL arena in Quebec City. Has the media asked the opposition parties to go on record for helping other NHL arenas in Vancouver, Calgary, Hamilton, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Montreal, Toronto? 
New Ipod Tax paid from Unicorn and Rainbows?
An Ipod tax was supported in April this year by all three opposition parties. Today the Liberals want to raise the money from general revenue to help artists. I am glad Liberals have publicly stated a transfer of thirty five million from general revenues to artists is not similar to an Ipod tax on purchasers. It won't be Timmy or his parents stuck with the new levy, it will be everyone. With only one taxpayer where do the Liberals imagine the $35 million is sourced from, Unicorns or rainbows? 

I was curious why the Ignatieff Liberals sent in their top talent to help George Smitherman during the campaign if they felt Rob Ford's message was compatible with the Federal Liberals. Are the Federal Liberals talking about freezing taxes? Are they talking about reducing spending, no new big spending programs?

It sounded like the culture war comments used since 2000 by the Federal Liberals. Did the Federal Liberals not support Mayor David Miller Green Agenda? Are the Liberals not supporting the Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty Green Energy Act?

In parliament Federal  opposition parties are calling for more spending or less?
  • Most of them voted for an increase in the payroll tax. 
  • They are on record for a Cap & Trade, Carbon Tax program. Bill C 311.
  • Edmonton Expo
Do the opposition parties consider NHL owners and unionized NHL players a higher priority than providing the best jet fighter for our military?

On Power and Politics 

Ignatieff suggests just showing up is what is what he has been doing. His priorities are:
  • Retirement security
  • Basic standard of living, basic security, affordable post secondary education.
Ignatieff led Liberals want to sustain middle class by investing in learning and training by eliminating the planned tax reduction in corporate rates. Liberals don't believe a fifth generation fighter is necessary.

They also felt heavy or strategic lift was not necessary either. The Decade of Darkness for our Military is not a record worth repeating. Our military is a priority. Ask those Canadians that were helped on the 402 or Newfoundland.

Toronto Police charged in G20. Toronto Police Chief Apologizes.
Retail politics, bus tour. Ignatieff was surpised he enjoyed campaigning and traveling this summer on behalf of the party. What was Ignatieff doing for the last four years as an MP and deputy leader since 2006?
Ignatieff suggests Canada lost ground on International stage by losing a military air base, UN security seat and refers to G8/G20 as a fiasco. Is Ignatieff trying to pick a fight with the Liberal Premier for his role in blocking any inquiry of the G20 in Toronto? Both Rob Ford and Dalton McGuinty don't refer to the G20 in Toronto as a photo-op. Does the Liberal party suggest world leaders are participating in publicity tours?

Ignatieff wants a two party race but Conservatives have already defined it as CPC majority led government or a coalition led Liberal-NDP-Bloc MPs. Ignatieff's admits to Evan his job is to present a clear alternative to the current government. He did the same thing in 2008 telling voters they had only two choices in Hamilton. Ignatieff has led the Liberals since December 2008 and for two years had fought in seven by elections with only one victory over the NDP.

The Ignatieff led Liberals have NEVER beaten the Conservatives in Quebec, Ontario or Atlantic Canada since changing the leader two years ago. Are Liberals looking to the West for their gains by blocking tanker traffic and blocking the pipeline?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Polls Don't matter: Ask the loser

Labor Party in UK asked voters to remember Thatcher Conservatism
What do public opinion polls do? If you are an alarmist you have cited them on a regular basis when your team was leading and demanded action.  What happens when the public change their mind and they want to get off the crazy train? Do alarmists yield to the latest series of polls as proof positive or do they become the "deniers" for being on the wrong side of public opinion? The Labor Party in the UK thought it was a good idea to have voters think about Margaret Thatcher and stoke fears that the David Cameron would bring back the 80's. Is that strategist in the Labor Party still employed?

Rock Star, King, Philosopher,  Nobel Prize Winner
I remember not too long ago when Republicans were mocked as was the Tea Party for being out of step or  out to lunch in comparison to the Democrats that swept all three branches and held power for as long as seven years  in  the congress. As we close out 2010 nearly two years have passed from the Democratic super majorities in all three branches. Many of mid-term polling numbers were fairly accurate in their predictions in calling a course correction. Any reason why those Democrats who finds themselves on the wrong side of public opinion are incapable of accepting the wishes of the public? Is the course correction noted in those mid-terms a result of a hanging chad?

Poll tracker 12 months Angus Dec 2009-December 2010
Angus Reid was the most accurate pollster in their prediction of the General elections results in 2008 in Canada .In the twelve months in 2010 the Liberals have only hit thirty per cent once in February 2009: after the mainstream media doubled down by spending months on a seventeen sitting day break called prorogue. Our PM in a masterstroke than canceled the March Break for the whiners.

Media Coverage of Prorogue
The MSM called it a threat to democracy and spend hundred of hours telling us NDP and Liberals were not involved in a grassroots face book movement. The Media failed miserably in providing a balanced position. It took an earthquake in Haiti and the Winter Olympics to shake off the obsession by the media outlets. 

 This event is a constitutional tool used regularly by the current and previous governments. With so much manufactured outrage, the public to the chagrin of the MSM gatekeepers could not restore the public perception of their chosen party. The big red tent is resembling a worn out sleeping bag that has seen one too many long weekends.

That can't be good. The last time Angus had the Liberals ahead in 2009 was during the summer month July.
The Conservative Party would coast to another minority government if a new federal election were held today, and 46% of Liberal Party supporters in Canada are questioning whether their current leader should be at the helm when the next ballot is called.- Angus Poll December 12, 2010
The  Conservatives are supported by 39 per cent of decided voters, up four points from a month ago. By comparison, Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals remain at 29% of the decided vote. The NDP, led by Jack Layton, would garner 12% of the vote, down four points from last month. The Green party, led by Elizabeth May, would receive 9% of the vote, down two points.-Ispos Reid

Nik Nanos 2002 -2010 Liberals sinking
It should be on no shock that the numbers for Conservative go up every fall when parliament resumes. It appears the media has become the opposition and use the summer breaks and winter holidays to create mischief of some conspiracy to end our democratic system to herald the end times. The Nik Nanos graph highlights the drop in popular support for the Liberals. The NDP and Green voters have recovered at the Liberals expense. The Conservatives  have won 57% of the seats excluding QC in 2008. 

General Election results Quebec CBC 2008
The separatist party in Quebec (Bloc) have won 65% of the seats with 38.1% of the popular support in 2008.  The Conservatives have won five out of seven by elections for 71% success rate since winning their first  mandate in 2006.  The three federal parties and one independent won a total twenty five seats with 62% of the popular vote. in 2008. It appears the Liberals and NDP are not willing to add seats to Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta for fear of upsetting the separatists party in the upcoming campaign. Democratic reform is on hold in the senate and parliament because the lack of political backlash threat in Quebec. Apparently the Liberals and NDP don't see a problem denying the growing population centres in the western provinces and Ontario.
PM attends Edmonton -Hockey Game
Just another reason why a Conservative majority in parliament is required. On the Hill the same media outlets are suggesting the Conservatives are poised to win a majority, cabinet shuffle, prorogue,  spring election without identifying actual sources in their articles. Will the addition of high profile Conservatives Julian Fantino, Larry Smith, Bernard Lord, Cecil Clarke be enough to break the log jam in remaining urban pockets?

Friday, December 10, 2010

TSA vs Sanity

I rank the US just below Canada in greatest. The Americans are in trouble and a change from top to bottom is needed. Need proof? Read on.

Top that. We all know that the TSA is a mess but this soldier’s story says it all as he concludes “What happened to our country while we were gone?”

Susan Riley does not like Stephen Harper?

Does Susan Riley A walk in the snow, anyone?  create a well meaning puff pastry article in attempt to give rise to the flaccid state of the Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff? She starts off by acknowledging the demoralized state of affairs within the Liberal party.
  •  A leader is not required to have a talent in singing.
  • 46% of Liberals, 56% voters think a new leader is needed (Angus Poll here)
  • Afghanistan extension wrong decision because Conservatives support it (Obama, NATO, UN should be ignored on this file)
  • Attempting to recruiting Fantino was dumb.
Susan recognizes the Liberals do not have an unblemished alternative if a spring election is called. A quick change in leadership won't likely change the short term outcome. In a funny that's strange  diagnosis Susan  applies  the label pernicious anemia as the malady afflicting the Liberal-left coalition.
Pernicious anemia presents insidiously, and many of the signs and symptoms are due to anemia itself, where anemia is present. The patient may complain of fatigue, depression, forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating,.. the patient may also complain of weakness and clumsiness.-Wiki
In the middle she goes on and adds further proof the moderates, right of centre voters have turned away from the parties of "social justice", wealth redistribution.No kidding anyone remember those mid terms in the US?

What Ignatieff lacks is what Rob Ford, the unpolished new mayor of Toronto, has in abundance: consistency and conviction.Governing well requires flexibility, emotional intelligence and experience. But to win an election you need to keep it simple and keep it real. Voters have a nose for authenticity -- and its absence.-Susan Riley
Susan praises the resume of Ignatieff but not his decision to support the policies of the Conservatives in this minority parliament. She praises Ignatieff on several of the issues that are not resonating with the public. (Susan you noted out of touch in the Angus poll earlier remember?)
  • CF18 replacement with F35's (supported in Parliament 170 votes)
  • Long gun registry (Whipped vote by opposition MPs on private members bill?)
  • Home care blocking anti smuggling bill as "clumsy"
Susan is not impressed with his position on the Alberta Oil Sands believing he is inconsistent with joining the mustache friendly leader of the NDP in banning tanker traffic and championing Alberta. (Susan we agree Ignatieff is NOT credible and Canadians can see it a mile away)
"Leaderitis is really eroding democracy," she says, adding that political parties are composed of more than one person. "I'm fed up with the constant search for a Messiah. - Dr. Carolyn Bennett
Carolyn is a Liberal MP for the riding of St. Paul, Toronto. She had to apologize a misunderstanding of a ten per center sent attacking the Conservatives for handling of H1N1. Is it ironic Susan not qualified uses a medical condition and a trained medical doctor invokes a leadership trait?
It is amusing Susan is oblivious of the work and money spent on the environmental files since a change of government. I imagine the hundreds of projects in providing safe clean drinking water to  cities, aboriginals, expanding the parks may not be "real" enough for a columnist based in Ottawa. In Oakville I am aware of a large project compliments of the Economic Action Plan here. Maybe closer to home in Ottawa Susan missed this one.
“The Government of Canada recognizes the importance of safe, clean, and trustworthy waste-water systems,” said John Baird, Leader of the Government in the House of Commons and Member of Parliament for Ottawa West – Nepean. “Using advanced technology, as well as planning and monitoring capabilities, the City will be well equipped to protect the Ottawa River from sewer overflow for years to come.”
“The McGuinty Government is proud to be a partner in helping clean up the Ottawa River, contributing to better water quality and preventing future sewer overflow, making it safer for those Ontarians living near the historic waterway,” said Phil McNeely, Member of Provincial Parliament for Ottawa-Orleans.
"Working in cooperation with our federal and provincial partners, the City is making real progress, significantly reducing overflows into the Ottawa River,” said Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson. “There is a plan in place to eliminate all overflows. This is a priority that is supported by our City Council and our communities.” -Economic Action Plan on Environment
Green Energy Club is more polished?
Susan may want to read her own paper, try Google it took me less than a minute to find projects in excess of $100 million is 0.15 seconds on what party promised what during the last general election. Here is a link to the list of promises in the platform on the environment. The Conservative Party of Canada is getting it done in the Environment and some NGO's and despots in the third world don't like having funds being held accountable for their real action on emissions.

Environmental Promises: Conservative Party of Canada October 8, 2008 in Ottawa Sun.


• Cut the federal excise tax on diesel fuel in half, from four to two cents per litre
• Invest $113 million into an Environmental Enforcement Action Plan over the next five years — and an additional $25 million for:
• stiffer penalties for the most serious environmental crimes: up to $6  million for corporations and $1 million for individuals;
• increases in inspection and seizure powers;
• a team of specialized environmental prosecutors; 
• creation of environmental laws that allow courts to compel offenders to remedy any harm to the environment; • a searchable database that tells the public the details of a corporation’s convictions for environmental crimes.
• Require corporations convicted of environmental crimes to notify their shareholders of their conviction and punishment.
• Prohibit the exportation of bitumen to countries outside Canada that do not have equivalent emission-reduction targets.
• Re-affirm Canada’s position that the North American Free Trade Agreement cannot require Canada to export bulk water to other NAFTA countries.
• Continue to promote the development of northern pipelines to bring oil and gas to markets in Canada and throughout the world.
• A regulatory framework that will impose mandatory emissions reduction targets on Canadian industry and reduce Canada's greenhouse gas emissions by an absolute 20 per cent by 2020.
• A $2-billion ecoENERGY initiative to promote smarter energy use, greater use of clean energy sources, and cleaner use of traditional energy sources.
• Protection of numerous conservation areas, including the world’s largest freshwater protection area.

It is a pity Susan decided to submit a puff pastry piece that many Canadians will ignore is worthy of reading. It would have been more informative  to provide a grade on their campaign promises. Did the Conservative Party of Canada deliver? Susan, the Canadian public and voters would be better served if you and your newspaper provided actual insight if the Conservatives were consistent in their convictions.  The readers and viewers of mainstream media are fed up with partisan cheer leading masquerading as journalism. Canadians are tuning out  in larger numbers from politics and the stories on the Hill are not relevant in my opinion. Look for waste and real corruption in our politics. This is not a search for Canadian Idol and what leader has the most polish. Perhaps Susan can follow her own advice for Ignatieff about being real and relevant.

Order book here
I have included a link to puff pastry recipes here. It may be as helpful in evaluating campaign promises as her piece  on the demoralized state of affairs within the liberal-left coalition. I enjoy light and fluffy, but if you want some easy Italian recipes  with substance I included a book from Chef Mario Batali. His homepage is here.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Climate Change Cancun: Playboy Casino

Things are warming up in Cancun but I don't think it's Global warming. Any chance any of our climate alarmists will be visiting the newest Casino in Cancun? What could possibly go wrong? Signs that show Man Made Global Warming is Definitely Still Happening

beach in cancun

Playboy said its $7.5 million casino in the Mexican Caribbean resort city of Cancun would open this weekend.The casion, which covers 1,200 sq. meters (12,900 sq. feet) will be inaugurated Saturday with a private party and open to the public the next day.
The casino will offer gaming tables and machines to play roulette, poker, Caribbean poker and blackjack.
A betting parlor will offer sports fans the opportunity to make wagers on American football, soccer, baseball and basketball games, as well as on major international sporting events.

Should we look forward to seeing a few alarmists return with some bunny ears?