Monday, April 19, 2010

MSM: See Spot Run!

Accountable, Parliamentary Supremacy, or a personal ATM machine for the "political class"?

Our media is busy providing comic relief posing as journalism. They are consumed with stories with blinders on with this never-ending story of sex drugs and organized crime. See Spot Run is a tribute to the quality of our MSM.  The MSM like to blame the current government with the "cone of silence", instead digging deeper and tackling the larger issues that take time or may not have the sizzle of a scandal au jour.

There’s a pattern here. The Liberals stagger from one ugly issue to another, led by gloomy Iggy, and never once do they offer a hopeful idea.

Our soldiers fight valiantly in Afghanistan, but all the Liberals see is a conspiracy to abuse Taliban prisoners, which by definition implicates our soldiers. Their clumsy attempt to reopen the abortion debate backfired when Liberal members helped defeat the Liberal motion. - Monte Solberg

Board of Internal Economy

..the board’s meetings are always held behind closed doors, its books are off-limits to the auditor general, and its filing cabinets cannot be pried open by reporters requesting documents under the access to information laws that are supposed to ensure the public knows how its money is being wasted, er, spent.

Apparently this pocket change of $ 500 million on an annual basis is just too small to garner the front page or attention span of our serious journalists.

The amount of money in tax havens has been estimated at $11.5 trillion by the Tax Justice Network, a respected and independent advocacy group that monitors such trends. -Too small again!

Priorities have always been difficult for the Liberals, it looks like our media will has also been infected with the same condition. Examine how many months, ink on the Fall 2009 - Spring 2010:
Where are the facts and the names of the sources to provide a balanced perspective of what actually took place?

(Very narrow focus, lacking perspective)

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