Thursday, April 29, 2010

Liberal Party of Canada: Xenophobia Cultural Warriors Since 1988

Cultural Warrior, what party portrayed Brian Mulroney as less patriotic, and fanned the flames of fear accepting a Free Trade Association with our American neighbour would reduce us to a colony?
Hint: Same party, same strategy invoked against Reform, Canadian Alliance and now CPC.
The Liberal leader, John Turner, based his national election campaign on fear and hatred of the Americans -- and came fairly close to winning. But when the election was over and Brian Mulroney's Tories had signed the agreement, the Liberals began a long, furtive creep toward the Conservative position. By the time they were returned to power in 1993, with John Turner forgotten and Jean Chrétien the Prime Minister, the Liberals had adopted, without debate, the very policy they had denounced as treason. Having torn the country apart emotionally, turning husbands against wives and parents against children, they simply abandoned the subject. They probably think of it today as a minor incident, another political gimmick that didn't quite work, but surely it left a residue of anti-U.S. distrust. -Robert Fullford

Patrick Muttart used to be the director of strategic communications in the Prime Minister’s office and was the strategist behind Prime Minister Harper’s successful 2006 election, the result of which saw the Conservatives replacing the Liberals in government. Muttart crafted the strategy behind finding accessible voters and “activating” them for the Conservatives with specific policy planks.
Muttart was on the Roy Green show yesterday where he continued the Conservative narrative against the CBC’s affiliation with pollster Frank Graves. Graves came under fire when a column from the Globe’s Lawrence Martin quoted Graves recalling his strategic advice that he gave the Liberals. His advice, to start a “culture war”, wedging against Albertans and Conservatives, depicting them as xenophobic racist homophobes who would vote for Sarah Palin. - Stephen Taylor
I have said every party plays wedge politics for a very long time. Many of us disagree with the current advice and the decision of our public broadcaster to fund a pollster that has made these comments again.
 h/t Liberals Started This “Culture War” A Long Time Ago
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HitEleven said...

That's some great old footage! They sure don't debate like they used to in these parts. They looked so close to each other I thought one was going to through a fist.

But yeah, the Liberals turned to free trade, as did New Labour in the U.K. Only the NDPers beat the protectionist drumbeat these days (the BQ too, I suppose).

I've been reading something lately about how protectionism led to the Second World War, coincidentally enough. to the radio said...

Harkens to back when leaders debates were honest about who would form the government:
Conservative versus Liberal.

I watched that debate when I was 22.
None of my friends did.

The debates now are a joke.
Four on one was what the last one amounted to.
Duceppe might be a goof but at least he had the clarity to state the obvious fact that three of the people at that table had no chance of becoming the Prime Minister.

Let's get back there.

And to be honest, Mulroney sowed the seeds for the present state of affairs by giving the reins of power to the original Guergis.
The one who kept Milgaard in prison when she was Justice Minister.

CanadianSense said...

I hoped to remind us older folks, the destructive politics has always been used by each party for political advantage.

My concern is should our tax dollars go towards a public broadcaster that did not disclose the $ 11,000 or think it is important for the viewers to be made aware of that fact.

Can anyone imagine if the opposite was true and the pollster was being paid by a right leaning public broadcaster?

I don't see any shows on CBC that are right of centre in their discourse or viewpoint.

Do we agree "The Hour" with host G.S. has a left of centre bias?

If so, why not a show, equal resources to counter it?