Sunday, April 25, 2010

Central Canada Keeps Seat Majority

The Bloc are a funny bunch. Some think they are anti-Alberta with the numerous attacks on the provincial matters (energy) from Alberta.
The Bloc are equal opportunity mudslingers that put the interests of their Bloc voters first.
I would say the Bloc have an equal disdain for Ontario as well. How many times did the Bloc complain about the Auto industry getting a bailout in Question Period?
The Bloc are masterful of playing the victim of unfair treatment as they only run candidates in Quebec and have NO REASON to protect the National interest.
The Bloc have made it clear on a number of occassions where their priorities and loyalites lie, Quebec.
The Bloc do NOT represent the majority in Quebec. They in fact share the same level of support as the CPC on a National scale. The Bloc won 38.1% of the popular vote but won 65% of the 75 seats in Quebec.
The Coalition apologists repeated they represented the 62% majority in November 2008. The Federal Parties represent the majority in Quebec and in their platform none of them promised to support the Bloc motions to restrict English for Supreme Court appointments.
The CPC in 2008 won 37.7% of the popular vote and earned 46% of the seats across Canada. Excluding Quebec 75 seats they won a significant mandate with over 57% of the seats. In 2009 they won two more seats including a Bloc seat held for 16 years seat to bring them to 145 seats. They are ten seats short of a numerical majority.
Protecting English, minority language rights in Quebec. I can't find in the platform of the NDP to remove the use English from Federal buildings in Quebec either in their campaign promises from 2008. Maybe someone can provide link?
Why are the NDP pandering to the Bloc? Does the French language need protection by eliminating the use of English in Quebec's federal buildings? 
The question for the political parties that ally themselves with the Bloc, namely the NDP and Liberals how does this protect Canadian interests against the separtists party?
Are you pandering the French in Quebec requiring the French language be mandatory on the Supreme Court? Why not demand the same protection for English and other minorities in Quebec?
From 308 to 338 Central Canada keeps the majority of seats. The WEST  is not moving the Parliament to Fort McMurry next week.
Why are the two Federal parties, the Liberal Party of Canada,  the New Democratic Party pandering to a separtist political party in Quebec that represents a minority in the province of Quebec only?
Are the NDP, Liberals participating in pittting region against region on behalf of the separtists in Quebec for political advantage?
Update: Political Parties playing games in Ottawa?
As an example to Canadians the MP's from the Bloc, NDP, Liberals who have demanded fluency for employment to the Supreme Court through their motion.
Canadians should demand the same for those three parties playing this political game.
How many NDP, Liberals are fluently French again? How many Bloc are fluently English? They should not run for office until they have passed those "tests".
Let's hope Jack Layton, Michael Ignatieff, Gilles Duceppe hold their party to the same standards.
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hunter said...

Good question! Of course they are pandering to the Quebec voters. 59% of the seats are in Ontario and Quebec, that would be a majority for the Liberals. Why bother with the west, they only have 31% of the votes, with the new seats added. This has been the Liberal strategy since Trudeau, and it has worked most of the time.

That's why Graves felt it was okay to tell the Liberals to divide the country, and especially targeted Alberta.

If Alberta and the west got so upset they left Canada, the Liberals would be assured of majority governments into infinity with what is left of Canada. Problem is, the west will take their money with them, and that leaves eastern Canada with only Newfoundland to support them. Good luck with that!

CanadianSense said...

Exactly very little is being done to attack Quebec and the Liberals, NDP are aligning themselves with the separtists in Quebec.

Why? Why are they introducing divisive Bills on language, culture, abortion?

Are the Liberals, NDP so desperate they would pit region vs region, English vs French again?

fernstalbert said...

Imagine, the Parliament of Canada located in Fort McMurray, Alberta - its lovely, isolated and surrounded by muskeg. One road in and one road out - every drive south ends up in Edmonton or Calgary. Energy workers should be in charge of this country - there would be no whining about entitlements (10 days in and 4 days out). Cheers.

CanadianSense said...


I have read the financial problems regarding the repairs, maintenance of Parliament.
Perhaps it is time to find a less costly building to conduct the nation's business.

Any suggestions where they can set up the circus?

fernstalbert said...

I thankyou for the great post on a serious subject. Sometimes in Northern Alberta we become a little "bushed" and the absurd nature of the Canadian political scene requires a little poke. Regarding your question of location of a new western Canadian capital and Parliament, perhaps an insulated steel quonset on the bald prairie (anywhere east of Manitiba) would be a good location. Obligatory train track within walking distance. Most of those Ottawa bureaucrats couldn't handle the north - but they would love the Northern Allowance - entitled to there entitlements. Cheers.

Patrick Ross said...

Unrelated, but...

Tag! You're it.

CanadianSense said...

Patrick no fair, I don't have comments notification turned on.

Busy plotting on taking over the world stuff...