Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Liberal Brand of Justice: Witchunt Part II

"They were absolutely irresponsible and unreasonable in the way they conducted themselves in this," he said. "You don't ruin reputations of individuals without having any substantial evidence to possibly lay criminal charges," he said. - Ujjal Dosanjh  on RCMP handling of Income Trust Investigation.

vs allegations against Helena Guergis demanding the RCMP, Prime Minister provide information regarding a potential investigation.

With all the faux scandals in the last four years that the official opposition Liberals and their cheerleaders in the MSM has wanted to pin on the Conservatives. seems they're just spinning their wheels -Chasing Apple Pie

Mary Dawson, who investigates allegations of conflicts of interest for those who hold public office, said that based on the information she has been given, there is no reason to proceed with an inquiry at this time. This isn’t an outright exoneration of the politician, but it does mean that at this time there are no allegations that hold enough credibility to warrant an investigation into suspicions she may have abused the power of her parliamentary access to further the interests of herself or her husband.

Are the comparison of a senior minister Ralph Goodale in Finance vs Helena Guergis, CPC MP, Status of Women  fair?

In the end, the Mounties charged a Finance bureaucrat under the Criminal Code with breach of trust for allegedly purchasing securities using advance knowledge of the government's trust plans.

What is the rush to judgement to destroy the career of  a conservative female member of parliament without delay? Is this the new bar for ethics?

1) Airport Tantrum introduced by Wayne Easter's anonymous letter.
2) Ethics Commissioner refusal to review a private mortgage arrangement or allegations from PM.
3) Some questionable election expenses that might be disallowed. (totalling under $ 1,000)

The "third party" is alleged to have been a private investigator that may have forwarded a report. It may have warranted the timely decision by the Prime Minister. This demostrates a willingness to forward the report of the report to the appropriate authorities to make their own determinations. Kudos!

This member of parliament has recently resigned her portfoilio, removed from caucus and the witchhunt from the opposition benches, members of the press,  continue to demand that allegations remain to be proven with substantial evidence to possibly lay criminal charges be made public.

The Rule of Law and Due process continue to be ignored and inflamatory accusations, questions inside parliament are protected by defamation.

A double standard? How will the opposition spend the next few days in Question Period?
  • Economy
  • Pension
  • Budget
  • Job Strategy
  • Economic Action Plan
  • Exit Plan Afghanistan
  • Haiti Redevelopment
  • Environment
  • Maternal Health Initiative
  • Freedom of Speech
  • NGO's accountability
  • Global Free Trade Deals
  • Interprovincial Trade barriers
  • Move from Analog to Digital in Television
  • Increased Foreign Investment
There has always been scandal envy here, which befits a country still insecure about its colonial past and forever insecure about the testosterone-driven bully next door.

Priorities still remain an elusive for the official opposition.


wilson said...

Guergis says report on drug link ridiculous, calls it rumour run amok
Canadian Press:

''OTTAWA - Former Conservative cabinet minister Helena Guergis says she is shocked by a media report suggesting the prime minister called the Mounties to investigate her on a drug-related matter.

She told The Canadian Press today that the report is ridiculous and an example of rumours run amok....''

And then today Fife 'clarifies' that the PI was hired to investigate someone/something else,
no longer leaving it to the imagination who? hired a PI.
Gawd, is there no integrity left in our national media.

CanadianSense said...

Wilson say there no integrity left in our national media?

(That was a rhetorical question right?)