Saturday, April 03, 2010

Our MSM & Opposition rollover for Democrats?

Before any talks with government officials even started, she went on national Canadian networks twisting arms by talking about Afghanistan. Then she started lecturing Canadians about helping women around the world and posturing about social issues in the Arctic. She didn't join a meeting of the five Arctic coastal states because she objected to the exclusion of aboriginal groups and three other northern nations, and she left Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon alone at the podium of a joint press conference with all the Arctic ministers. I'm wondering what she did for North American aboriginals during her eight years at the White House with her husband and several more years as a Senator.-Angelo Perischilli

Why didn’t Mansbridge go? Or Rex Murphy, Mark Kelly or even Kevin O’Leary or the other celebrity fanboy, Ghomeshi?

One last consideration: can you imagine the reaction in Canada if these diplomatic slaps in the face had come from the Republican Condoleezza Rice instead of the Democrat Hillary Clinton?


It is funny watching how the opponents of the current government defend their position.
Human Rights: MSM-left support Chinese Government in rebuking our human rights record.
Environment: MSM-left ignore reality praise Communist China, Democrat led US that account for 40% vs our 2% total.
Sovereignty: The MSM-left take Russia/US/Nordic interest's over our own if they can slag our PM.
Is this is not blind pathological hatred?
Many of us don't agree wholesale with everything from any gov't at any level but in four years list the alternatives introduced into parliament for debate.
The opposition have ALWAYS been in the majority and are responsible to challenge and introduce alternatives, they failed.
Perspective, reality vs. perception. The coalition of the left is dysfunctional, it won't change if they are in power.


hunter said...

Condi was too intelligent to cause the diplomatic mess Hillary has. I feel sorry for the US right now, they are in a world of socialism.

wilson said...

Old Hillary was just playing to their base...after caving on abortion, go North and make noise.
As if the americans will support paying for 3rd world abortions.

Patsplace said...

They're going to find lots wrong with Canada (except for the fact that we have resources that they want and can't afford) to the point that they're going to get real pushy about what's ours and what's theirs.

Remember! The Socialists are the ones that kill their own (or any others that oppose them).

Michael said...

Ah, the old pointing to imaginary supporter schtick. What a hack.

CanadianSense said...
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