Wednesday, April 07, 2010

David Akin: Liberal ridings get $1 million out of $69 million highway fund

This explains why the Liberals are in so much trouble. The Press have been trying for months to create a narrative of abuse or an overt agenda by the Federal Government in spending.

David omits the money in the NDP ridings and the location of the major highways. Highlights a snub on Toronto and the Liberals. Why David?
Of the $69 million in federal funds, $52 million will be spent on 24 projects in Conservative ridings. Ridings held by federal New Democrats will see 11 projects in this series of announcements, which will get federal funding of a combined $10.17 million

They did this with the Olympic Torch Relay and the Rinc Program.

When Carrolyn Parrish refutes how decisions are made at the local level, the rationale is ignored. When the Deputy Premier George Smitherman refutes bias and suggests different programs are will recieve different funding he is ignored.

“I understand the dramatic cries of outrage that must be flung at the government in power – often backed by somewhat scrambled statistics. But is infrastructure stimulus money being distributed unfairly? NOT!” She says that having first-hand knowledge of political “spin” and the “slings and arrows of the press,” she is a non-partisan now who can set the record straight. Ms. Parrish says that Mississauga is receiving a huge amount of dollars from various stimulus programs and it was city staff, not federal and provincial politicians, who decided which projects to fund. So there! “The feds and the province decided how much we’d get. Council decided where it would be spent. And we are grateful for that autonomy,” she writes. Meanwhile, last week, Infrastructure John Baird mischievously quoted Mr. Chrétien in an exchange over stimulus funding with Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff: “Here is what the Prime Minister said,” Mr. Baird said. “‘Listen. We are the government. I don’t see why we can’t try to get credit for what we do. I hope we do so. There is nothing to be ashamed in that.’ Do members know who said that? It was Prime Minister Jean Chrétien.” Funny.

The media are desperate, David Miller was the receiptent of a large number of projects including Union Station a few months ago and the Federal Government does not hold a single seat. Did David Akin write a piece pointing out the lack of CPC funding in Toronto?

A CBC reporter asked, “What do you make of Liberal criticisms that most of the stimulus money is going to Tory ridings?”

The prime minister kind of shrugged, threw up his shoulders and said, “Well, here I am,” winning a belly laugh from the assembled. “We have 500 infrastructure projects in the City of Toronto, where we do not hold a single seat.”

They have accused the Ontario Liberal Premier of being unfair to the Federal Liberal ridings in working with the Federal Government.

Perhaps an examination of the location of major highways in Ontario it will explain the facts.


robins111 said...

I'm firmly convinced now that the MSM could twist any event into an attack on Harper.

Likely if we had a rain of frogs, it would because the PM was not doing something right.

Did anyone point out to these knuckle-heads that the Conservatives have formed the government, with the most ridings, as such its likely that there would be more funding available for those areas...

Except Quebec of course, after all they are independant, like my son, who wants the keys to the car, when he's 30, living in the basement, and complaining about everything.

Ardvark said...

Damn that Dalton McGuinty. How dare he decide where this money gets spent!

CanadianSense said...

This post hopefully demostrates the depth of disconnect from reality the press and opposition.

Different programs will have a different geographic bias. When they spent money on Univeristies it was shown many of the schools were located in ridings of opposition. It was framed as pandering. The Government can not get a fair shake from the media that are consumed with a bias to look for a sinister plan at every turn.

CanadianSense said...


apparently Dalton McGuinty and David Miller have crushes on our Prime Minister and have a secret agenda to get more conservatives elected through a biased funding agenda.

Who started the silly narrative on the Olympic Torch Relay? Take a wild guess.