Thursday, April 08, 2010

Germany views Canada as a Natural Partner

The economic recovery continues, you would not know if you watched Question Period.  Instead of examining the Global Trade Deals (ex Columbia), Economic Action Plan, the deficit, the official opposition are busy asking the ethics commissioner about a mortgage of an MP.

Are these the priorities of the opposition parties in parliament?
  1. Tax funded abortions in the Congo.
  2. Mortgage details of an MP.
  3. Restricting Supreme Court Judge to only fluent English-French Canadians.
That is why in 2007, when Germany held the Presidency of the European Union, we lobbied hard to get the EU to work with Canada on a “Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement”. Both sides have been doing their homework. Formal discussions have begun and are going well. They take us into new territory for our bilateral relations. To meet the goals we have set, we have to look at investment rules; at provincial as well as federal government procurement; at regulations; at intellectual property rights; at local competition policies; at labour and environment issues. We may not be able to agree on everything but a substantial agreement will not only be a major boost to Canadian-European trade, but also to the German and Canadian position on the global market.

In the next election the voters need to send another message to the parties in the coalition.

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