Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Liberal Party of Canada: Wanted New Travel Agent?

Due to recent difficulties another staffing change is being considered to help the Liberals.

Joanne at Blue Like You explains in more concise technical terms that the Liberal Party surely is a "pathetic lot".  Many people were able to leave the island on flights in anticipation of weather related problems (non political class, celebrities, CPC MP's etc). None of the Liberals made the earlier flights.
  • Is getting out of bed and back to work in Ottawa so distasteful for Liberals?
  • the recovery of the economy, leading G7, last in first out!
  • reduced to stunts, character assassinations dictated by strategists.
  • having an annointed leader in third place, polling 150 year low again (M.O.E.)
  • November 2009, 0-4 in every contest CPC winning 50%including one from long held riding Bloc (16 years).
  • failure to match the CPC in financal strength.

Reality Check

Liberal Party of Canada MP's are VOCAL in their criticism of the government on television, and in Question Period and committees. The missing part is ACTION.

Everytime when ACTION is required to end this government the Liberals turn tail and run.

We have heard Liberals repeat "Canadians want an alternative", in every opportunity the Liberals have failed to ACT.

Is it because the Liberals realize they are NOT the alternative?

It would be very difficult to leave home, family and board a plane for the theatre of the absurd.

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