Thursday, April 29, 2010

Angus Reid Public Opinion Poll: It's The Economy Stupid

How much do you trust each of the following people to do the right thing to help the economy? The clear winner on the economy is the PM. Only 2% polled completely trust the leader of the Liberal Party to do the right thing. (Ouch) The Poll is here. A graph is below on that question.

Canadian confidence in the economy, personal finance have steadily increased. The opposition have been avoiding questions on the economy for months. The government is resorting to have their own members ask the economic questions to the Minister of Finance. If you tuned into Question Period you would think Canada is in serious financial difficulty and Sudbury, Ontario is the capital of Canada.

The opposition are busy perfecting their talking points: "culture of deciet" and "extremist religious idealogy". Although they lost G.W. B. they like to mention him frequently.

Angus bias or conflicts (did not find any through Google) Best to do your research as well. More information here.

The winner, by far and away, is Angus Reid Strategies. Congratulations to Hamish Marshall and the Angus Reid Strategies research team for clearly having the most accurate poll predicting the election result.Angus Reid was the most accurate. (BC Election 2009)

Angus was also the most accurate on the last Federal Elections October14, 2008.

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The_Iceman said...

My concern is that Europe is fucked, pardon my French. The problem with having that common currency is that if a few participants crash and burn, it brings them all down. Greece, Portugal, and Italy are all fixing to crash hard.

CanadianSense said...

Agreed, we are potentially facing a double dip now. This is the part again through no fault of our own the Global Economy will tank again.

Grab ankles assume position.....

This is why I have been thinking we are going to the Polls now.

Quebec is our Greece.