Friday, April 09, 2010

University Educated & Liberals: Most likely to support Prisoner Pension benefits

Ontarions, Liberal supporters, and the university educated were the most likely to support pension benefits for prisoners. Yet even here, there was still tremendous support for benefits being denied in some or all circumstances. (You can't make this stuff up)
Ekos Polling conducted a Poll March 31- April 6 with 909 people. It is here.

Additional nugget from Ekos Poll:
The Poll also confirmed the strongest opposition against the military participaction in Afghanistan is in Quebec 62.1% broken down with 62.4 French vs 45.1 English.

The rest of Canada opposition against the military participaction in Afghanistan is at 12.9% lower with Ontario (2nd highest) in comparison.

Were the university professors in Regina contacted for their opinion?

Ignatieff said Quebecers have grown weary of the Bloc’s ‘protest politics,’ and want to build. He said, as a leader, he needs Quebecers to “come down from the grandstands and play on the ice.”-Michael Ignatieff (Regarding Mirabel Airport)
Twenty years ago, governments were prepared to recognize that Quebec constituted a “distinct society” within Canada, notwithstanding that most English-speaking Canadians viewed it as one of 10 equal provinces. But with each new wave of immigration, the conception of Canada as a partnership of English- and French-speaking Canadians has diminished. In B.C., where I live, the view that Cantonese, Punjabi and Mandarin should be equal to French continues to grow. -Norman Spector

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Anonymous said...

Considering the leftist propaganda that is drilled into the heads of university students these days, it's not surprising that they support continuing to provide pensions to law breakers. As for Liberal support...well, they're Liberals and not quite all there anyway.