Thursday, April 08, 2010

Double Double: Duceppe Dodo

A snap Angus Reed online survey conducted for La Presse just after the former Quebec premier's declaration showed that most Quebeckers agree with him. More than three-quarters (78%) of Quebeckers believe that sovereignty remains years away, at least. Only 35% want another referendum while 58% do not. Another poll, conducted by L├ęger Marketing poll this month for the Association of Canadian Studies, said only 40% of Quebeckers believe a sovereign Quebec would be better off.

In contrast, most people in Quebec (71%), Manitoba and Saskatchewan (57%), and Atlantic Canada (54%) oppose the plan. -Vision Critical
What does Gilles and his party of separtists do in Ottawa to speed up the process, he can't take another picture with the Liberals or NDP.
How will Gilles and the Bloc stop the new seats in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia without driving support down for his allies?

In 2007 he would take the money offered to fix the fiscal imbalance the Federal 2007 budget to help his BQ Government separate from Canada. In 2008 he would have done the same with Dion/Layton.

The plan to increase the number of seats in the House of Commons is more popular in the three provinces that would gain more Members of Parliament: Alberta (58%), British Columbia (49%) and Ontario (49%).


The_Iceman said...

I need to think up a nickname for Duceppe's Separation Tour. Rex Murphy had a great rant on it after the At Issue Panel. It is kind of f@^ked up that a man who is trying to lead his people to freedom is doing a listening tour through the streets of the oppressor.

CanadianSense said...

I sense a desperation in the opposition. The Bloc can't stop the additional seats ex Quebec.
The opposition can't fight the Global recovery and have stopped trying to attack on the big issues against that matter most.

This is the most dangerous time when the opposition realize how their numerical majority can't stop the CPC agenda.