Monday, April 12, 2010

MSM Tabloid Fail: Ispsos Poll It's a 10 Point lead again!

It is a only a single Poll, and it is mistake to make predictions based on a single Poll or a series of Polls in a bubble.

Many Pundits did not predict the worst showing in popular support for the Liberals in 150 years on October 14, 2008. In November 2009 the CPC managed to gain two seats including one from a long held Bloc riding of sixteen years.

DemocraticSpace is an interesting site that has some projections about the new 338 parliament. For a detail breakdown of past election anothe site for the political junkie is Pundits' Guide.

Not a leader Part II, is starting to sink in for some in media as identified by the Polls.

Impressions of Ignatieff continues to decline since he assumed the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada. Michael Ignatieff’s current overall Leadership score (39.0 points) represents another 15.8 point drop in the past quarter of leadership tracking placing him behind both Stephen Harper (94.6 points) and New Democrat leader Jack Layton (41.2 points). -Nik Nanos

In case you're having trouble deciphering what that means, here it is: Nothing has changed in the 4+ years since the Tories were elected. Smackdown of the year - Kelly McParland


robins111 said...

Somehow I think the polls don't really reflect the outcome of the next election.

I suspect that the Conservatives will get a Majority, with the 'reported' polls being an effort to minimize the impact.

Canadians are finally fessing up that they are sick & tired of the smash & grab politics of the Coalition of fools.

Bec said...

Yes, I agree with robins111, Canadians are tuning out the babyish antics of the grossly childish PPG and the increasingly incompetent, nose-ring led, Ignatieff Liberals.
I'm even one of them which surprises me daily.

I watch virtually nothing political on CTV (can't stand Clark, Fife, Taber, Oliver), CBC is a huge amateur hour of propaganda and our Canadian newsprint media out of Ottawa is a national regurgitation of gotcha garbage.
And I'm a junkie.....

I trust MOST Canadians to recognise the realities of what is occurring here, the Canadian economy is hopping again and they like it. Perhaps this Stephen guy is onto something... those other guys do nothing but instigate bullying school yard games....

Calgary Junkie said...

More bad polling news for the Libs ... this month's Leger poll in Quebec has the Libs at 21 % (down 4), CPC at 17 % (no change).

And in Alberta politics, Liberal MLA Dave Taylor has just announced that he is quitting the Alberta Liberal Party, and sitting as an independent.

Let the speculation begin ... the rise of the Wildrose Alliance was projected to spell trouble for Harper, according to some of the msm ? So the fall of the Alberta Libs must mean similar trouble for Iggy, right ?

Taylor says the Alberta Libs are "adrift, and there's nothing he can do about it". He used to be the afternoon talk show host on CHQR.

CanadianSense said...

I am having fun with some of the Polls and don't take them seriously. As stated earlier only political junkies are paying attention to the BS in Ottawa. Most people avoid politics, political news. The opposition are not providing an adult conversation in regards with policy alternatives. They have been reduced to a publicity stunts and silly scandals. The government needs an effective and responsible opposition.