Saturday, April 24, 2010

12 Angry Men Movie Poster Redo: Frank Graves vs Ezra Levant

Visit here for Ezra Levant blog posts here.  Too much time on my hands...original. Yes I know lame humour! Note for intolerent left: This is not an incitment to violence, but using lawfare, HRC to address "hurt feelings". How many angry old white men in Alberta would be interested in having Frank Graves demostrate his empirical evidence on his dime? Feel free to give ideas of good movies with "angry old white men". Thanks,

Movies with Old White Men (sometimes Angry)

1. Second hand lions.

2. 12 Angry Old Men

3. The Alamo

4. The Magnificient Seven

5. The Great Escape

6. Bridge on The River Kwai

7. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence


Patrick Ross said...

I can't believe Frank Graves has the nerve to describe himself as a moderate.

Since when is deliberately provoking a culture war "moderate"?

CanadianSense said...

I am not sure he tried to evoke it, as he was exposed on television.

Is this damage control, spin see any Liberals come to the defence of a major contributor?

Remember when Ignatieff came to the aid of the TD executive?

Looks like our media and opposition parties are trying to ignore the public comments about a "cultural jihad" against the conservatives or Albertans.