Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Liberal Party: Duck Season Part II

The Liberal Party of Canada benefitted for many years by using their majority in the Senate to gut, block or delay government Bills. Today they don't have that opportunity.

The Liberal Party will have to whip their rural MP's and hope the threat of not signing their endorsements will be enough to avoid another public humilation on party discipline. Will the rural MP's of the Liberal Party be whipped to vote against the wishes of their constitutents for the benefit of the leadership in Toronto?
The Liberals have an out on this: It's possible the registry can be scrapped without them, thanks to opposition in rural ridings held by the NDP, which could produce enough votes to let the Tories scupper the registry. Still, Mr. Ignatieff offered some sweeteners in his address to the police: If given the chance, the Liberals would no longer treat refusal to register firearms as a criminal offence, and would scrap fees for new licenses, renewals and upgrades. In other words, the Liberals would maintain the registry but make it easy for gun-owners to ignore it, and add to the cost of running it by eliminating fees. So you'd end up with a big, ineffective and very costly bureaucracy, maintained at public expense so the Liberals wouldn't have to admit it was a bad idea in the first place. Is that politics at its finest, or what?-Kelly McParland

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