Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ekos Poll: Direction of Government Right or Wrong

I included five National Polls from Ekos from June 1, 2009 to the latest April 14, 2010. Here are the links for Ekos June 1, 2009, March 02, 2010, March 25, 2010, April 01, 2010, April 14, 2010

Largest sample of Ekos polling (10,896) on June 2009 after the bad news deficit of $50 Billion showing Liberals ahead in National support. At this time the attack ads have not been deployed, the 'blank slate' was only four percent behind the Best PM rankings.

I don't see a marked movement of voters in opinion of Right Direction of government from the Liberals, NDP, Green. A small gradual shift  is approximately 6% CPC,  4% Bloc (voters & leaning) have increased their opinion the Right Direction since June 2009.

One can drill down and examine if this is based on a regional, industry impact of where the largest number of jobs were lost. To date I have not found a significant pattern. (Province, Farmers, Forestry, etc)
Direction of Government :The Government needs to improve and deploy resources on providing timely information.The Interim Information Commissioner of Canada, Suzanne Legault, today renewed the call for federal institutions to take immediate steps to curb the pervasive problem of delays in responding to requests for information under the Access to Information Act.

Global Shift to right of centre or Western Democracies only?
In free elections many left or socialist government democracies have lost of power over the last decade. Many of these countries still suffer from largely inefficient central planning authority model. In the 1990's with the fall of the Soviet Empire many of these countries have begun to shift to decentralized free market models as a means of exiting the problems of socialism. European countries embarked on a Union to improve trade and movement of goods.

In the U.S...
A fragile housing market and high unemployment remain top concerns for Bernanke and other Fed policy-makers even as some sectors like manufacturing have strengthened.

 In Question Period we are not getting the big issues raised
  • Economy
  • Interprovincial Barriers
  • Global Recession
  • Free Trade Deals
  • Mission: Exit Strategy
  • Maternal Health
 Is Canada better prepared if countries in the European Union that have much larger debt problems cause another global meltdown in the financial markets?


The_Iceman said...

Have you noticed that anytime the CPC/LPC poll numbers are within 5% of each other, Jane Taber declares the poll tied. No GI Jane, the Tories are ahead. It isn't tied.

CanadianSense said...

I posted about the Volcanoes from Iceland. I laid blame on you btw! ( I might be initiating contact with some Marvel Super heroes including -The Mighty Thor to assist with bringing you in for questioning regarding your Viking comment).


I might call in the Muppet Swedish Cook. I will keep you posted!

Back to reality:

A single Poll or a series of Polls can be manipulated. The inability to finance and run a six week campaign in 155 seats is going to be a problem for the Liberals. That would be a bigger issue for them. Canadians don't trust the Ignatieff led Liberals.

I am not confident with all the new users fees, provincial, municipal taxes coming any political party wants to be held responsible.

If the CPC run against the coalition and motions introduced by them to increase taxation into "x" I think they will get their majority.