Thursday, April 22, 2010

Liberal Party of Canada: Mythbusters

Ekos Polling has often referred to key voting block for the Liberal Party.
Where is the female, education university or higher voter? Poll here.
The campaign on personal attacks behind parliamentary privilege on female conservatives has been a major activity in Question Period.

Is this the strategy to win power?
If I am not mistaken only Ontario female, Ontario University Education, University Atlantic is outside the margin of error and in favour of the Liberals.

In Quebec the Bloc lead the historical voting groups of the 1990's Liberals outside the margin of error. Where are those key voting groups for the Liberals that were responsible for giving the Chretien-Martin Liberals 100 seats in Ontario in 2000. Thirty-six seats in Quebec. Where did that party lose those key groups in Ontario and Quebec. The West is not to blame for the Liberals suffering the worst results in over 150 years in 2008.

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hunter said...

The Liberal party of Toronto is ready to write off the west, so all they have left is Toronto, Montreal, and the Atlantic provinces.

It's interesting that the Conservatives have been gaining the female vote, I think it is due to their tough on crime policies. Don't forget the "age of consent" law now makes it harder for sexual predators to entice our kids into sex.

CanadianSense said...

Have you noticed the misconception about the west? The significant shift has been in seat rich Ontario after 2000. Mulroney PC's (1993) got dumped before the 2000 Ont-QC majority. The Bloc have been the major player in Quebec when PC got routed out West and QC.
The loss of Catholic, visible minoriites, first generation immigrants, Ontario voters has seen the large shift in seats from 2000-2008. Ontario has been moving CPC 2006-2008.

Harper led team in 2008 won popular vote and seats. Ontario is the battleground.

This is why we are watching private members Bill C302 Italian reparations from Liberals, French Supreme Court language Bill from Bloc, Abortion for the Congo Bills from Liberals.

Strawman(Blame the West)
The Liberals did the same thing to Manning, Day the west to help them in the vote rich Toronto, Montreal (modern cosmopolitian city vs rural vote).

The advantages in 1990's for the Chretien-Donolo LPOC are ALL gone.

1)Large donations Bay street to fund TV campaign.
2)Weaker NDP 8.5%, Green 0.5%
3)Catholic, Visible Minorities

The left is deeply divided. The centre ground policies has forced Liberal to look for fertile voters open to socialist policy.

Polls show the cachet of big government socialist nanny states are losing everywhere. See Europe elections.

Liberals are trying to save the furniture of seats they hold 5% or less.