Friday, April 09, 2010

Does MSM prefer a Witchunt instead of substantive issues?

A good ole witchburning is a great story!

Last February, Fraser’s office started talks with the secretive all-party board of internal economy about initiating a value-for­money and performance audit of the $440 million spent running the House of Commons and $93 million running the Senate but, so far, MPs have not given her the OK to go ahead.

The books haven't been audited since 1991. -Kelly McParland

Where are the journalists in support of improving access to the substantive investigation and audits in the internal economy? Why is no party pushing for these unredacted documents and improved access for Sheila Fraser?

To be fair can we expect an opposition party to move a motion to include

1) I.O.C drug testing of all Members of Parliament, family including their staff?
2) Financial audit of television experts who provide a regular contribution to eliminate any concern for bias?

Just asking as I am one of those not interested in the media obsession for Tiger Woods, Sandra Bullock or Helena's Geurgis' marital problems.

Ms. Fraser should get the go-ahead to examine these expenses. The public has a right to know how its money is being spent, and elected officials have the obligation to account for it.-National Post Editorial


Powell lucas said...

Does a crook declare all his illegally obtained income to Revenue Canada?

CanadianSense said...

I am in a minority and want the big stuff under the microscope.

If the MSM and opposition want to continue with a witchunt with Helena than our MSM/politicans should cooperate and demand Sheila Fraser the ability to review 100% of their all their dealings as well.

I did not jump on the Ruby Dhalla trainwreck as I believed it was a similar witchhunt.

maryT said...

You would be surprised at how often illegal gains are reported to the tax dept. The dept can't report this to anyone. And, as they say, they can't put me in jail for tax evasion.
And, some of them have very imaginative ideas for naming their means of income.

CanadianSense said...


Our MSM is untalented so political gossip-mongering and celebrity stalking is about all they can produce ... the CBC does little else.

(comment accidently deleted)recovered.