Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Political Party: Pirate Party of Canada

Canada's chief electoral officer, Marc Mayrand, granted the Pirates eligible party status on April 12.
Links here. Interim leader of the Party is Jake Daynes. His LinkedIn is here.

The Coalition parties have been busy trying to raise taxes on copying devices.
MPs from the Liberals, Bloc, and NDP today all supported a motion at the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage to extend the private copying levy to devices such as iPods. The motion, proposed by Bloc MP Carole Lavallée, provided:

 That the Committee recommends that the government amend Part VIII of the Copyright Act so that the definition of “audio recording medium” extends to devices with internal memory, so that the levy on copying music will apply to digital music recorders as well, thereby entitling music creators to some compensation for the copies made of their work. Michael Geist

Canadian Coalition For Electronic Rights


James Moore website here.
Elizabeth May, Green Party already feeling the heat?

Earlier, in an interview with Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party, there were comments that there isn’t a need for a Pirate Party because there’s the Green Party who has similar stances on issues with copyright and patents. While it seems to be looking like the two parties might have their differences, we also noted that the Pirate Party of Sweden has already chosen to sit with the Green Party in the European election.

 The Pirate Party is well aware of the video interview and we asked for their thoughts on the subject.
“The fact that the Green Party has already noticed us and is talking about copyright law is a huge early success for the Pirate Party.” Dusty Phillips, member of the Pirate Party of Canada responded. He then said, “Even if the Green Party had the same stance as us on privacy, digital rights, copyright, and patent law [...], they were not talking about these issues in the last election; no party was.”- Zeropaid

This is good news more interest and debate to raise the alarm bells of the tax levies from the parties in the coalition.


Suzanne said...

I poked around their website. They're against criminalizing child pornography. They lost whatever interest I might have had in them.

CanadianSense said...

That sounds unbelievable. Official position or someone posted an opinion on their blog?

From the twenty minutes I spent reading I did not come across anything that is illegal or immoral.

Will visit their site again can you provide the link you found that information.