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Cultural Class War Continues: Policy Debate?

In his penetrating analysis, Lyle Rossiter, M.D., reveals modern liberalism's assaults on:
The freedom of adults to make good lives for themselves by cooperating with others. The ability of families to raise children to be self-reliant and mutual .The morals, rights and laws that protect our freedoms
More information  here.
The loyalty of leader of the Liberals is proud of belonging to the "political class".  Invoking a cultural war? The class war has been never stopped,  divisive Politics has always been deployed.
The intolerance of the left has always been on display and invoked as routine politics. Preston Manning, Stockwell Day, Stephen Harper have been prime targets for divisive politics. Today buzz words of choice in question period "culture of deceit".
Liberals think nothing of dividing Canadians, it started with Trudeau giving the west the finger and the NEP, it carried on with Chretian ignoring the west and the military for over 10 years, and Iggy seems to be carrying on the ignore the west theme with the "whipping" of his MP's to vote against scrapping the gun registry. He is pandering to the feminists and anti-war crowd.- Hunter
I believe this strategy has always existed and each party taps into their strengths. The problem is going too far and damaging the country with bad policy.

Frank Graves on CBC here .
In his advice, Mr. Graves could hardly have been more blunt. “I told them that they should invoke a culture war. Cosmopolitanism versus parochialism, secularism versus moralism, Obama versus Palin, tolerance versus racism and homophobia, democracy versus autocracy. If the cranky old men in Alberta don’t like it, too bad. Go south and vote for Palin.” - Lawrence Martin 
Ignatieff brand new mistake on gun registry Ignatieff’s plan won’t make a single Canadian safer. It will make the dysfunctional, obsolete registry more expensive while simultaneously making it weaker. The registry has already failed and permanently alienated large swaths of voters from the Liberal party. Why is Ignatieff the last person to realize this?- Matt Gurney
He's doing it. Ignatieff is actually implementing the Graves Strategy: divide Canadians against each other, to conquer them politically. -Ezra Levant
Policy Debate and a failure to make priorities -For almost 30 years the issue was forgotten but it resurfaced in the 1970s when some Italian Canadian community leaders started talking about an apology and financial compensation. But prime minister Pierre Trudeau, another Liberal, said the issue was closed. He told the House Commons that he didn't believe "in attempting to rewrite history in this way."- Angleo Perischilli
Bev Shipley had commented on the conflict of interest of Frank Graves pollster of record, donor to the Liberal Party  the CBC.  Is an inquiry needed to investigate any other relationship with the Liberal Party? We had an example of failed oversight regarding an H1N1 flu clinic.
The CBC code of ethics is now embroiled and a letter to the CBC ombudsman has been sent.“Why is a pollster who conducts polling for Canada’s national broadcaster, the CBC, also giving partisan advice to the Liberal Party of Canada?” Walsh writes in a letter obtained exclusively by the Sun. “Is the CBC aware they were sharing resources with the Liberal Party of Canada, if so, how long have they been aware? Can the CBC assure us that data collected at the expense of taxpayers is not shared with the Liberal Party of Canada?- Frank Walsh
Perhaps we will get a little more adult conversation, policy debate in Question Period without the need of protection of parliamentary privilege by the opposition .
Contrast how the PMO is expanding his office in community outreach:
Much of the ethnic media's audience is in the suburbs of Metropolitan Toronto and Vancouver, areas where the Tories seem to be making gains with newer Canadians who embrace fiscal and social conservatism.
In the 2008 election, the Conservatives' share of the popular vote in B.C. reached 44.5 per cent, up from 37.3 per cent in 2006. In Ontario, they out-polled the Liberals after finishing behind them in 2006, though in Quebec they lost ground. - Canadian Press
The writing is on the wall.
Update: Ekos Statement Frank Graves
Statement From Frank Graves (April 23)
Update II:
Globe & Mail Round II by Bill Curry does the opposite.
“I do believe, and this gets more subtle, that there is a higher incidence of people who are less tolerant to homosexuals and more wary of other races, within the Conservative Party. I can demonstrate that empirically."
Sometimes those words we choose can be taken out context, this does look like we have a serious problem. A tribute to the politically incorrect.
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Patrick Ross said...

I'd daresay that anyone at EKOS in a position to do so should be requesting Mr Graves' resignation.

CanadianSense said...

Not sure how to describe the follow up comments other than clusterfuck.

Did you notice no one on Lib blogs is not touching the "empirical evidence"?

I don't see public outrage for his comments if media ignores them as explosive comments.