Saturday, November 07, 2009

Liberal Party of Canada Adding to the Unemployment Problems of Canadians

Human Relations not very humane at Liberal Party.

A Tastleless Joke, showing the uncaring and lack of sensivity regarding the deaths of H1N1? Mr. Ignatieff’s hand-picked national party director, Rocco Rossi, was on Twitter, joking about swine flu and party patronage, saying “pork before swine.” Where is the outrage by those Liberals who complained about other parties "jokes" or comments? Hypocrites?    Liberal president Alf Apps sent a note to colleagues and party supporters comparing the H1N1 vaccine crisis to the Bush government’s handling of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. More than a few Liberals were upset with the Apps hyperbole.

No Apology is being asked by the Liberal leader again, is it because Liberals are held to a different set or rules?

Leadership include hiring the right people for the right job. When you don't, everyone pays the price. In January 2009 people were concerned. Why were those lessons from the Dion not learned? After cleaning house in the Opposition leader's office, Ignatieff is expected to put so many of his former Toronto faithful in prominent backroom jobs that some are already calling it the "Rosedale gang."

It is important to put FACES on those JOB losses created by the Liberal Party. When Mark Sakamoto lined up to get H1N1 did he would be thrown under the Liberal Bus?

How many more Liberals will be adding the job statistics?

Ignatieff's inner circle shrinks as 2 more aides depart

Published Friday November 6th, 2009

The exodus continues from Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff's inner circle.

Mark Sakamoto and Alexis Levine, both directors of political operations, are returning to the private sector. Both insist they're leaving voluntarily.

Ignatieff senior staffer Mark Sakamoto appeared on national television as an “ordinary citizen” complaining about the supply of the H1N1 vaccine. His cover was blown; the incident was embarrassing. Mr. Sakamoto denied he was a plant. As parents of a newborn, he and his wife are on the priority list for the vaccine, and were waiting in line at a clinic when the interviewer approached.

 Ian Davey was treated poorly is his dismissal. On National TV is was leaked. Many people had already known and the Liberal leader did not seemed to feel it was important to let inform him in person? Where is the leadership?

Is Alexis Levine wondering if it was premature to celebrate the Michael Ignatieff leadership 2009 contest? Where is that darn cork?

No 'jobless recovery' this time around: CIBC

By John Morrissy, Financial Post August 19, 2009
“Rising unemployment in a context of a relatively short duration of unemployment is a reflection of a dynamic labour market where becoming unemployed does not mean remaining unemployed,” Mr. Tal said.
Furthermore, he said, the data suggests that the current wave of personal bankruptcies, which climbed more than 54% to almost 11,000 claims in the month of June, will be relatively short-lived.

Public health officials and journalists have overstated the importance of the swine flu, a former Ontario chief medical officer of health says.

Dr. Richard Schabas, chief medical officer of health for Hastings and Prince Edward Counties in eastern Ontario, said the H1N1 influenza outbreak needs to be put into proper perspective.
About 200,000 people die in Canada every year from all causes combined, including about 4,000 from seasonal flu.

"By the time all the dust has settled on H1N1, somewhere between 200 and 300 people will have died in this country," Schabas said Thursday during a panel on media coverage of H1N1 on CBC-TV's The National.
Schabas criticized the media for not trying to put the story into perspective, and for being "a little too easy to spin sometimes" by public health officials.

"By the time all is said and done, this is not a major public health event, but you'd never know that from what some people are saying."

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