Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lilberal Party New Theme Song: White Flag

I could have been a contender.

When the Liberals threw Dion under the bus, they forgot to make the necessary changes to prevent another public humilation.

The Liberals promised a swift return to power and circumvented a leadership race as costly and unneccesary. The public would return to the natural governing party if we fixed our messaging and foisted an impressive "resume" on the table and we dropped any adult conversation.

One year later the natural governing party is no closer to returning to power. Nearly two million dollars was spent in presenting the leader.

Some internal changes have been made recently to help improve the position of the natural governing party with voters.

Was it a coincidence the By Elections were called today? Really? The repeated problem is watching your opponent coming at you with a knife to a gun fight. Lessons are not being learned at the LPOC.  In honour of the ignorance and refusal to understand history I offer this new narrative.

Dear TEACHER (Liberal Party)

Iggy, as former professor, should know that when you set up an exam you usually do so in a way that allows the potential for a passing grade not an out and out F.-Tim Powers

Here is insight you can trust on the November 9, 2009 By Elections.

Aaron Ginsberg    Political junkie from Toronto 
CU Political Science Graduate, Programmer

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