Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Double Standard by the Media and the Big Red Machine

The last time we had the MSM make this newsworthy, the CPC began a campaign of TV introducing Television ADS using quotes from the new leader.

Just Visiting Ads.

The MSM jumped in, rolled out their pundits and experts highlighting the negative sentiment and lack of success of this style of politics used by the CPC. The Liberals at the time claimed the information and statements were taken out of context.

Michael Ignatieff: Arrogant Bastard The Conservatives were presented with a complex and challenging opponent in Michael Ignatieff. He's clearly more articulate and polished than his predecessor, so attempts to attack his ability would prove problematic.-Andrew Steele May 13,2009 Globe & Mail.

The LPOC failed to mount ANY credible campaign, in fact the CBC came to their AID and aired the LPOC internet spots with the AT Issue Panel 'informing us' how the Just Visiting Ads would not work.

A few less biased experts and media pundits came out and reminded us everyone uses them to great effect.

In modern Canadian politics, the Liberals have been the masters of negative campaigning. In 1988, they ran ads almost accusing Brian Mulroney of treason, of selling out Canada to the United States through the free-trade agreement. In 1991, Sheila Copps compared Preston Manning to David Duke, the former Louisiana Ku Klux Klan leader. In 2000, Warren Kinsella went on television to ridicule Stockwell Day's alleged (never demonstrated) belief in Young Earth creationism.
In 2004, the Liberals eked out a minority victory with wave after wave of negative ads about Stephen Harper's supposed “secret agenda” - hard to refute publicly because it was secret by definition. Showing the preternatural gift of prophecy, the Liberals also ran ads about the “$50-billion black hole” in the Conservative budget projections. There was no evidence for it in 2004, but it came true in 2009!
Late in the 2006 campaign, the desperate Liberals released a suite of negative ads that backfired against them. Like every other tactic in politics, negative advertising is only effective if it is well executed. These ads were so far over the top that they were parodied by the late-lamented Frank magazine: “Is Stephen Harper the Antichrist? We just don't know. He refuses to talk about it. Now why would he do that?” -Tom Flanagan July 10, 2009 Globe & Mail.

Dion Get flustered and Fails to Answer -How he would do anything differently than Stephen Harper

"It is not my Job"-Michael Ignatieff. In January the Liberals REFUSE to help craft the budget- largest in Canadian History. Just like Dion, the next Liberal leader refused to provide ANY concrete ideas or policies to help Canadians through the worst global economic recession in fifty years.

Eleven months later: not a single alternative policy introduced into the House of Commons by the Liberals.

Now in November 2009 the MSM have again decided to highlight a specific flyer that is used to depict the FACTS about the Liberals and their positions regarding Israel.

The last 100 Jews in the Liberal Party -  Ezra Levant

This list is a sign of weakness, not strength. I'm surprised it was even released, given its lack of success in recruiting any big names. Severely normal Jews who see the list will say: "uh, who are they?" And political insiders will look at the list and answer, "low-level Liberal functionaries, plus a few retired politicians".

Inside the HOC the MP's are protected from lawsuits for statements. In an attempt to stop the Just Visiting Ads the LPOC sent lawyers to an American Broadcaster PBS to get them involved to sue over "copyright" for use of his interviews to highlight his statements.

The LPOC are free to seek legal redress if the ads or flyers contained factual errors. The LPOC allege a "crisis" every single time an ad or 10% is sent out from the CPC including when they are not the subject or the target.

We are told the latest flyers sent from the government allege anti-semitic charges against the Liberals. In eleven months have the Liberals introduced flyers and apologized for exploiting H1N1 using Aboriginals as props regarding a mistake by a nurse who ordered a few extra body bags the deaths from H1N1? How many days did the Liberals spend alleging the Federal Government of racism and uncaring towards our own citizens?

History is repeating itself. The Liberals are unable to stop the bleeding and loss of support.
They put on a great show of outrage.

Ignatieff attack ads and Liberals' error

At long last Harper has started his campaign for the next election with a series of ads portraying Ignatieff as an absentee Canadian, a carpetbagger returning to the north expecting the plum of the prime ministership to fall into his lap, a man with multiple nationalities, and an out of touch elitist writer and speaker with a deft touch for capturing in words a misguided, Americanized philosophy.


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