Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The CBC, Liberal Party Are they staging interviews for H1N1?

Did the CBC use an interview from a Liberal Staffer and not recognize an ex-employee of the CBC?

Follow the Money Las Vegas Odds

What are the ODDS a liberal staffer, ex-CBC staffer is:

A) selected  in a line of hundreds and 
B) his comments are selected

The CBC may be in "damage control" mode after airing this clip.

More on CBC removed clip



Grand chief accuses 




of using body-bag debacle 


for political gain

October 28, 2009
"From the beginning I have said the crisis has been about people, not politics," Ron Evans, grand chief of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs told MPs today at the Commons health committee studying preparedness for the H1N1 influenza pandemic. "(Our children were) used as props in political theatre."
Evans held up a black-and-white photocopy of a pamphlet distributed by the Liberal Party of Canada with the headline "No vaccines, just body bags."


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The Provincial Liberals led by Dalton McGuinty have begun to distance themselves from their Federal cousins. This is just one more reason to seek a divorce.

Why is a senior Liberal staffer making negative comments about the Clinic and local health officials?

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