Monday, November 02, 2009

Conservative Party of Canada: Promise Made Promise Kept

Campaign 2008 Promise

A re-elected Conservative Government led by Stephen Harper will give self-employed Canadians the opportunity to access maternity and parental benefits.

Parental Self Employed Benefits

On the Flip Side CTV keeps trying to blame the Federal Government for the decision by Provincial Governments who have already 6 million doses on hand.

CTV is demanding the Federal Government be upset

  1. Line ups, having to deal with bad weather waiting outside standing for hours.
  2. Lack of the number clinics
  3. Poor choice locations.
  4. Lack of convienent hours to get the shot.
  5. Private Medical Centres may have been shipped "doses".
  6. Inmates may be getting the shot before non-inmates.
  7. Non priority Canadians may have jumped the queue.
  8. A drop in production from the Canadian supplier by 20% may delay rollout.
Why does CTV, media ignore 6 million doses are already in the system, is Canada in an enviable position and in the division of powers between the Federal Government and Provincial Governments  dictates the Province is responsible for execution and delivery of doses 1-7?

The Scapegoat is needed to boost ratings.  Are we blowing H1N1 out of proportion? Without repeating the narrative of hysteria, confusion and deaths, line ups, shortages can the media keep this "newsworthy"?

SARS was blown out of proportions regarding the danger to the Health of Canadians?
It killed 800 people around the world, including 44 in Toronto. The disease killed 350 in China.


Is is realistic to expect millions to be getting the shot in a week, two weeks? Did the Federal Government Medical Experts and the Provincial Experts have a Plan on the sequencing?

H1N1 Peaked?

Overall, 175 hospitalizations and nine deaths were reported in the week ending Oct. 24. The number of reported new hospitalizations, ICU admissions and deaths were about three times higher than for the previous week.

As of Oct. 24, a total of 1,779 hospitalized cases, including 351 cases admitted to an intensive-care unit, and 185 cases requiring ventilation, had been reported since the outbreak began.
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