Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Opposition have become their own props in the lastest attempt at a fake scandal.

Not only will this be worse than a wardrobe malfunction, this latest smear will drive the Liberals below 20% at the next Official Poll.  The federal Liberal Party is using the Afghan torture allegations as a fundraising tool. Michael Ignatieff posed this question: “What kind of government, what kind of Canadian government does nothing to prevent torture?” Mr. Ignatieff stood for his second question. “Mr. Speaker, reports of torture reached the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister’s own national security advisor,” he said. “For 18 months, the government knew about torture in Afghan jails. For 18 months, it did not investigate. For 18 months, it did not stop it and it has covered it up ever since. Why?

"How ludicrous a statement is that from any one single individual who really has no knowledge to be able to say something like that, and we didn't see any substantive evidence to indicate it was that way," Hillier said.
 Gauthier also denied he had heard any allegation of torture in 2006.
"To be clear and precise about this, last week’s evidence states categorically that the very high risk of torture in Afghan prisons was first made known to senior members of the Canadian Forces in May of 2006 and repeatedly thereafter," Gauthier said.
"In actual fact, I and others received such warnings in a substantial way for the first time more than a year later than that."
Gauthier also said that Colvin's 2006 reports from May to September never mentioned the risk of torture or suspected torture. He said the word torture does appear in a Dec. 4 report, december but could be "reasonably interpreted to be a warning of torture."
"I can very safely say there is nothing in any of these 2006 reports that caused any of the subject matter experts on my staff nor by extension me to be alerted to either the fact of torture or a very high risk of torture. Nothing," Gauthier said.

With due respect, a Commons committee is probably one of the worst forums to deal with the matter of prisoner abuse and potential Canadian complicity. Names of highly respected individuals have been dragged through the mud with no chance to defend themselves. Statements made by witnesses, including Mr. Colvin, are accepted by some and rejected by others, and the opinions of committee members are entirely predictable, depending on their political affiliation.-Lewis MacKenzie
A public inquiry would be a colossal waste of taxpayers' money. The government should put the file back into the MPCC's lap and direct all players to co-operate. The commission has the highly qualified staff necessary to get to the truth of the matter in the most cost-effective manner

Harper also has a more solid grip on Parliament than at any other time since he took office.

Shooting themselves in the feet-Ms. Krieber wrote on Facebook that the party was headed for the "trashcan of history" under the cocktail circuit leadership of Mr. Ignatieff and his coterie among the Toronto elite. It is a new mess that even the Liberals are having a hard time cleaning up and certainly a gift to the Conservatives.


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