Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Media are SUCKERS for Headlines

Why the Mainstream Media can't be trusted to Report the News. Here is an example:

Food bank visits soar as jobs disappear 

More Canadians than ever before are turning to food banks to make ends meet in recession-ravaged households, Food Banks Canada reports.

Since 1997, food bank use has increased by 8.4%.  According to information from Food Bank press release between 2006-2008 nearly 6% less children are using the Foodbank? (Note and links below) Since 1997 Canada has grown by nearly 3.9 million or 10%

Since 1997 the population of Canada has increased from 29.9 million to 33.8 million has the growth of the Food banks been related to the population growth of Canada? 

Since 1997 have the number and locations of Food banks grown to keep pace with the population growth?

Will the Media do any fact checking regarding the Press Release or will they just Repeat talking points on a Press Release?

March 2008 704,414 people – 37% of them children – were assisted by a community food
Number of people assisted by a food bank in March 2007: 720,231
March 2006, over 753,000 different people accessed food banks, 41 % are children.

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