Thursday, November 12, 2009

Double-Digit lead extended another week.

Liberals base are holding their worst-ever in history for four, five, SIX weeks!

[Ottawa – November 12, 2009] – More than half of Canadians say that the high level of public concern over H1N1 is “exaggerated”. Just one in ten thinks the level of public concern is “understated”.

Official Liberal Reality
"Canadians want an alternative to the Harper Conservatives. 

Can SOMEONE contact the Liberal leader: the CPC won two seats and the Liberals did better under Dion.


[Ottawa – October 29, 2009] – Stephen Harper’s federal Conservatives lead the second-place Liberals by a double-digit margin for the fourth week in a row, suggesting that the neck-and-neck race between the two major parties in the spring and summer has now been displaced by a new pattern of relative Conservative dominance.

This is not a blip,” said EKOS President Frank Graves. “The Tories streaked into their current lead when the Liberals started threatening an early election in the late fall. However, they are now standing up despite negative news reports about the distribution of stimulus money and the confusion around the H1N1 vaccination program.”

This week’s poll also found that a plurality of Canadians feel that Michael Ignatieff should step down as Liberal leader as soon as possible, and be replaced. Only current Liberal supporters think he should stay, and even among Liberals, support for Ignatieff remaining in his current position is a tepid 55%.

Although the Liberals might like to think that the H1N1 pandemic will turn into Stephen Harper’s “hurricane Katrina,” as a recent email from the party’s president put it, there is no sign that this is happening, and even less sign that the issue is benefitting the Liberals.
The Conservatives have edged down somewhat from their October peak, in the aftermath of Liberal election threats, but they are still about where they were in the 2008 election. The Liberals, meanwhile, after having enjoyed a relatively stronger spring and summer, are back down where they were in the 2008 election – their worst-ever in history.

With a Little Help From Your Friends: Liberal Style

Denis Coderre estime que la venue d'un nouveau chef de cabinet au bureau de Michael Ignatieff lui donne raison d'avoir dénoncé la trop grande influence de Toronto dans les affaires du Parti libéral du Canada, lors de sa démission comme lieutenant, il y a un peu plus d'un mois.  Translation: Iggy is toast and I want to be the next leader.
 Nanos Best PM , Ekos Leadership

The CPC: Trusted above all others on Ballot Questions 

Just 10 seats short of a majority, the Conservatives need only look at the electoral map in and around Quebec City. With more than a dozen seats directly affected by an Olympic bid, and a halo effect covering perhaps another dozen seats, this would appear to be a no-brainer for the federal government. It’s even more a no-brainer for the voters who will be the beneficiaries of all the goodies, hypothetical as they may be.
All of which to say: Anyone who believes the next federal election is going to be about grand policies is quite wrong. It’s going to be about 10 seats changing hands in favour of the Conservatives. And once they change, they might change for a long time. Remember: As the Liberal experience from 1993 to 2006 showed, Canadians can content themselves with a long-term natural governing party for many years. And given Mr. Harper’s relative youth, voters may fall into the same decade-plus groove with him.

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