Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mission Impossible: Turn around a Party who refuses an adult conversation.


In 2004 LPOC tried and won on scary Harper Hidden Agenda, 2006 Choose Your Canada -Army in the cities failed.

Canadians have chosen their Canada, in October 2008 the LPOC suffered the WORST defeat in Canadian history. One year later they are polling even lower.

The LPOC won't level with Canadians on H1N1, Afghanistan, HST, their Environment Plan Alternative, Plan to reduce the Deficit Alternative, Economic Action Plan Alternative.

Clearly the "government in waiting" is clearly not interested in holding any "adult" conversations regarding any serious matters they prefer to cry and whine about the advertising expense of $ 150 million by the government. The LPOC is interested in repeating the CPC are "mean" and "uncaring" for another year or until the Polls improve.

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