Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Some in the MSM are ignoring the Truth: Bloggers filling the Gap on Biggest Fraud

AL GORE continues to ask for Billions for his "Financial Interests" on CTV

AL GORE vs Republican Joe Barton
Climate Fraud exposed

The "science is settled", the leaked emails were stolen and are ten years old. Does CTV expose the cooking the books by some in the science community?

Now for the Real News

Stpehen Taylor email conversation on his blog.

Ross McKtrick As time goes by the specific legal issues will become clearer, especially regarding deletion of emails subject to FOI requests and whether there was an intent to deceive governments and the public. The overriding issue right now is that we have more than sufficient evidence to establish that the reports produced by this group of people: Jones, Mann, Overpeck, Schneider, Solomon etc.; are tainted. They did not follow the assessment and review procedures they claimed to be following, they doctored graphs, deleted or hid contrary evidence, and worked to a set of foregone conclusions even though in private they admitted far more serious uncertainties and discrepancies than were communicated in the final IPCC reports

Climate change champion and sceptic both call for inquiry into leaked emails

Both sides of climate change debate urge investigation as Met Office dismisses 'shallow attempt to discredit robust science'
Prominent voices on both sides of the climate change debate today called for an independent inquiry into claims of collusion between climate scientists after it emerged last week that hundreds of their emails and documents had been leaked that allegedly manipulated data and destroyed evidence for Freedom of Information Act requests.
Writing in the Times, Lord Lawson, the former Conservative chancellor and long-time climate change sceptic, said: "The integrity of the scientific evidence on which not merely the British government, but other countries, too, through the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, claim to base far-reaching and hugely expensive policy decisions, has been called into question. And the reputation of British science has been seriously tarnished. A high-level independent inquiry must be set up without delay."

Climate Experts "cooked the books"

The cliff of political oblivion: Laws based on fraud

As news races around the blog world and the tip of the iceberg breaks into the mainstream media,  people are waking up to the scam. Australia is in the extraordinary position of passing legislation that is known to be based on fraudulent science. True, it’s only been days since the news broke, but our politicians have Blackberries. It only takes seconds for the information to reach the palm of their hands. It only takes seconds for the information to reach the palm of their hands. But it may take years for the meaning to filter through flawed neural software.


New ‘catastrophe’ climate report authored by discredited scientists

It couldn't have been a better case of worst timing – a long anticipated climate change scare report designed to boost public support for Copenhagen has been released amid a scandal that has destroyed its credibility before it even hit reporters' desks worldwide.
Thomas, waving any kind of "summary" produced by members of "The Team" or their hangers on at the top echelons of climate science will, from now on, only get you laughed at I'm afraid.
None of these men have credibility, and their "peer reviewed" work is now officially suspect.
Sorry, them's the breaks.

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