Friday, November 20, 2009

Mental Health Warning Signs for Liberals and Partisans

Since 2006 the Liberals have been swept out of power by Canadians. Since 2000 the number of people who voted and supported the Liberals have dropped from 40% to 26.3% in October 2008.

The majority of  "unofficial "Polls in the past few months, the by-elections in November 2009 re-inforce the Liberals are trending to repeat and suffer their worst defeat in history.

For some "hardcore loyalists" their political party's inability to return to power is a serious problem. In the spirit of empathy and concern for their Mental Health I have provided some links they might need to access.

Timing: Holidays are approaching and can be a very stressful time for lonely or angry people including those who are very upset about the demise of their political party.

Public Service
When we are confronted by bloggers we think are acting irrationally we should offer them free advice and links that might be helpful.

We all get angry from time to time. Indeed, anger is helpful because if deal with it in a healthy way, it helps us realize that something may be wrong and that perhaps something needs to change. But if our anger gets too severe, and we deal with it in an unhealthy way that causes problems at home, work or school, then it may be time to get some help in dealing with it.

Anger management refers to a set of strategies to deal with anger and reduce the stresses or triggers that cause anger - it is about making sure that you are in control of the anger, rather than having the anger be in control of you.

Getting Help
  • Talk to a trusted friend, spouse/partner or family member
  • See a family physician or pediatrician, in order to ensure that there aren't medical problems contributing to the anger. The family physician or pediatrician can also recommend other places to get help.
  • See a professional if the problems aren't going away on their own.



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