Monday, November 09, 2009

LPOC: Do Liberals believe in Pink Book? Liberals not supporting any Female candidates.

Why did the LPOC and NDP (NDP error found by poster also failed) fail to field any Female Candidates? The Green Party has no seats in the House of Commons and tied the government in fielding two female candidates.

Twelve Months ago after suffering the Worst POP since 1867. A month ago the official opposition declared in Sudbury the current Government's Time was UP!

This Week
Anne McLellan, former Liberal cabinet minister and co-chair of the party's national election readiness team, acknowledged the Liberal goal in the byelections is modest — to improve on the meagre share of the vote they won in each riding in 2008.
"We're in the process of I think rebuilding our party, rebuilding the party finances, the party structure, the people around the leader in his office," she said. "There's no point, you know, in gilding the lily. We have work to do and we will do that work."-4 federal ridings up for grabs Monday

The Party of Props and empty rhetoric have a pattern of attacking the government but do they deliver? The LPOC enjoy to host parties, invite the Media to take photos and write how caring and important the LPOC have been in shaping this country. Is this another example of just more "Hot Air"?

Will the Media report they are the ONLY party to fail to run a single female candidate?

Monday's federal byelections will choose four new members of Parliament from a list of candidates that includes three farmers, four municipal politicians, a principal, a plumber, and an engineer — but not a single lawyer, a profession that dominates Canadian politics.-

When will the Grassroots demand better from a Party that promised to make changes?

Will the Liberal leader be held to the same standard as Dion if Michael fails to win a single seat? Will the Liberal Party and the Media make excuses for the Liberals not making gains in four of these ridings?

Correction: Update from poster who noticed NDP are not fielding any female candidates. Thank you.

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