Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shellacking on Hold: 42% vote for CPC

Conservatives are 5/7 caption is wrong: 71% victory in by elections since 2006
Incumbents are punished is the rule of thumb when voters are angry. In the US the democrats have seen a historic sweep not repeated since 1938. In New Brunswick it was the first time in history a first term incumbent was not returned. Large parts of our Liberal media in Canada are unable to grasp the concept that the Conservative Party of Canada is growing and the coalition of the left is imploding.

The turnout of thirty per cent on Monday reflects voters are not engaged, worried about the direction of the country, and government. Campaigns matter. The Conservative won two of three races for 66% success last night. In 2008 they won two of four for 50% taking a long held seat from the Bloc.

Vaughan had the highest turn out with 32%.  Big Red Tent Folded.
I don't think the opposition leaders should be bragging after the results last night. In 2008 they were soundly defeated in a general election. Liberals suffered worst P.O.P. in 150 years. In the two years since the general election we have had seven contests to punish the incumbent Conservatives for being "mean-spirited", "ideological" and not being able to manage the government effectively. Reality can be cruel but the MSM and opposition appear to be out of touch with actual results of voters. In the five years since losing power the Liberals are farther from the prize while the Conservatives keep moving forward making gains in Ontario and Quebec.
  • Conservatives 57% success rate in seven contests.
  • Liberals 14%
  • NDP 14%
  • Green 0%
  • Bloc have 50% on only two contests tied with Conservatives in QC.
WPG North and Vaughan were long held seats by NDP and Liberals with large margins. Judy and Maurizio both vacated their seats for Mayoralty contests. Maurizio easily won his contest while Judy fell to the incumbent.

the voters have spoken, " and reject the fear mongering and risky Michael Ignatieff coalition.
In WPG North the Liberals fielded a high profile candidate with experience against two rookies in Chief and Javier. In Vaughan the Liberals were criticized for not finding a star candidate. The Provincial Liberals additional funding for the hospital, the CBC At Issue Panel,  Toronto Star ramped up their negative messaging but felt short. Damage control in lowering expectations may work in temporarily deflecting blame to Genco vs Ignatieff. In my opinion the organization and it's leader is responsible.
Days before the campaign ended, Liberals were suggesting that Mr. Genco was going to lose -- by a wide margin -- a constituency where Liberal MP Maurizio Bevilacqua took 49 per cent of the vote in the 2008 election. But that could have been an effort to dampen expectations of a Liberal victory.

This was not the first test of leadership for Ignatieff as reported by Jane Taber on CTV or was it Jack's. Jack and Michael should go back and look at the results from the seven contests in 2009-2010. They should examine the NB sweep of Liberals from power after only one term and rejection of Democrats. They should look at failure to attract high profile candidates and the donations. Are they winning or losing the war of public opinion and support of their base?

Gloria Galloway and Nelson Wiseman come to aid of Michael Ignatieff in the next article. Sorry guys:  Dion was criticized for the  not listening, ineffective management the party, fielding of poor candidates and balance sheet problems. Dion and Ignatieff have both had two years to turn the ship around and the results are clear.
“I think this is totally overblown about the impact that this has on Ignatieff,” said Dr. Wiseman. “For better or for worse, the Liberals are going into the next election with Ignatieff and it’s not the Outremont by-election, in my opinion, that undid Dion. What it was, was the general election.” -Damage Control Part II

The CPC are eligible to have the rebate for capturing at least 10% of the vote in each riding and their turnout went up in both ridings they did not hold. Is it time to stop playing small politics and actually make parliament work for all Canadians?

Jack Layton 1981 1987 after Monday's results he is wishing someone could beam him up right about now.
If I was batting 14% against a team batting 57% 71%  after seven contests, I might reconsider talking trash before they call me on it. Elections Canada results here. The CPC were able to capture 41.9% of the vote in the three contests. The Liberals managed 39.0% while the NDP fell back to 15.8%. The Green managed 2.0%.-Pundits Guide.
With the Christmas break coming shortly, the unsuccessful opposition leaders may want to rethink their messaging before the voters punish them in a general election.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ignatieff 07 not 007

It was interesting listening to Jane Taber on Question Period raise the risk in his first test to the leadership of Michael Ignatieff in these by elections. Jane this was not his first test in by elections.
The Liberals lost all four elections in November 2009. Ignatieff and his MP's spent a great deal of time and energy trying to convert those ridings.

Ignatieff as 007 or double zero?
Michael Ignatieff has been the leader for nearly two years if he fails to convince the voters to show up in the three contests it will mean he has lost all seven contests.

Not sure how the MSM will spin this in a positive light but I am confident the Toronto Star, CBC and CTV will find something else to find newsworthy.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Canada's Star Rising: Alarmists Fading

The Climategate scandal took a severe toll on the credibility of some of the climate theology's leading high priests, and subsequent investigations into some of the more outlandish claims on which their doomsaying was based found them to be either exaggerated or fabricated. The November demise of the Chicago Climate Exchange - which sought to transfer billions of dollars to political insiders trading in government-rigged carbon markets - signaled that there was no money in the game anymore. Last week, even Al Gore admitted his fallibility when he retracted his earlier support for ethanol fuels. The god bleeds. - The Washington Times

The Conservatives were able to defeat Bill C 311 in the Senate. The Federal Government recently announced great news their deficit shrunk by 40% in September compared to last year. Their revised deficit is estimated around $ 45 billion. The Liberal-NDP coalition just lost a vote on denying the military a replacement of the aging CF-18.

It is time for the Federal Conservatives to "Just Say No" and allow the opposition to votes against winding down the stimulus. If the opposition want the Economic Action Plan to continue past 2011, let them campaign for it and explain what taxes they will raise to pay for it.

Tax revenue is recovering. The Federal Government has rejected Edmonton's Expo bid and hopefully will continue to push for increased austerity in all departments at all levels including the denial for additional funding requests by QC groups for the NHL arena. Kevin Page, PBO can provide cover on limiting the expansion of equalization and payments above the rate of inflation.

Vaughan By Election: Let it Snow

It's cold.....windchill minus five. This is the last weekend for volunteers to make their rounds before the polls close. My road trip consists of Hwy Exit 400 heading west on Hwy 7 until Hwy 27. I saw about thirty signs of various sizes from Genco and Fantino. The wind has taken a toll as many of them were leaning or down. My observation was limited to a quick drive on the main artery on my visit to bakery and a butcher. 

It is a shame the global warming alarmists are unable to convince Mother Nature to hold off for a few more days as the cold weather anticipated may keep many voters from the participating in their by election on November 29, 2010. Pundits Guide has a post on the advance polling turnout is up in 2 of the 3 contests.

Liberal bloggers seem to the most outrages with the prospect of being shut out of all three ridings. Many Liberal bloggers outside of Vaughan have suddenly become experts in the Caledonia meltdown. Fantino reported to Liberal Provincial Government that has blocked any inquiry into Caledonia or the G20 problems in Toronto. It is funny are making predictions but I have not found any public polling for the three ridings. 

Damage control has already begun by Liberals in the Toronto Star as they have Susan Delacourt has given protection of anonymity for a Liberal insider to make this rant.
In the second article they raise issues to vote against Fantino but provide another another excuse why voters may be tuning out the Liberal world view in the Toronto Star.

The volunteers in Vaughan have it better than Winnipeg as it is -13 and Dauphin-Swan-Marquette at -17 is looking at the potential of snow in their forecast for many days leading up to election night.

Hwy 7 Islington 8:45 am 11/27
Flurries at times heavy ending late this morning then cloudy with 40 percent chance of flurries. Local amount 2 cm. Wind northwest 20 km/h becoming light late this afternoon. High plus 3 with temperature falling to zero this afternoon.

Just after wrapping up my bakery-butcher trek the snow stared to fall and with the windchill it feels like minus five. I was in and out of the Liberal bastion in less than forty minutes. Let's hope the voters of Vaughan follow the example of Toronto and show up in large numbers and dump Liberals.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Media Shift Goalposts: "Will of Parliament"

Noontime protest on Parliament Hill in support...Media Protect Liberal-NDP coalition

Why is the media unwilling to call out the defeated and absent MPs? Does the term "Will of Parliament" only apply  if used by Liberals-NDP supported policies?

Respect for "Will of Parliament" does not apply to Coalition?
A large majority of MPs defeated the Liberal motion to have the government drop the plans of the purchase of the F35. The Liberal-NDP coalition were only able to field 100 MPs to show up for their vote.  At full strength the 115 Lib-NDP MPs would be unable to block the deal.

The vote on the Liberal motion was defeated in the Commons by a vote of 170-100, with Bloc MPs lining up en masse with the Conservative minority government.

The Liberals continue to run internet ads complaining about the F35 decision after losing the vote in parliament.

"Will of Parliament"  = Liberal +NDP Policy?
Why is the outcry from the media against the Liberal-NDP coalition for not respecting the "Will of Parliament" as they did during the Census?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cold Weather Hits EU & N. Amer: Alarmists in Cancun

Is Mother Nature a Conservative?

Hundreds of lobbyists with their media in tow shilling for energy companies are gathering to secure lucrative deals, third world dictatorship arrive on their jets to demand billions on behalf of their nations. Our political class seek to impose new taxes on working families in North America and Europe as directed by the United Nations Climate Change Conference Cancun - COP 16 & CMP 6 Mother Nature has decided to bring some cold weather to Europe and large parts of North America. Let it snow, let it snow!

Ontario Sign Deal with Samsung Group
The TFC also noted an analysis by London Economics International, a global consultancy that estimates the Act's cost at between $247 and $631 in higher electric bills per household per year.

It appears Mother Nature has once again refused to cooperate with the alarmists in their redistribution of wealth schemes. When will our political class have the courage stop the corporate welfare?

How long before Canada's Federal Government falls prey to  adopting a job killing carbon tax policy for the benefit of the organized crime, energy lobby and UN supported dictatorial regimes?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Time's up for Progressives: Carthago delenda est.

I am tired of being told to sit down and shut up.

I am tired of being told what I can and can not say.

What is “acceptable”, while my ideas and values are mocked and trampled.

Enough. I have had enough.

Read more here.

This is a powerful post from military spouse and mom of 4, socially active and passionate about returning public debate to an era of civility and respect.

h/t Celestial Junk

Socialism is Dying in North America?

Iran @ UN
It is easy to see why Socialism-Liberalism is retreating as a credible ideology in the Western Democracies. As an example I will  cite a few examples of the rhetoric from political left in Canada and the United States to highlight why those messages have lost support.

The voices in left ignore Iran for criticism of Israel?
In good economic times, Westerners have been able to accept the redistribution of wealth policies as advocated by the political left as sustainable and effective policies. The gravy train has come off the tracks during the global economic recession in Canada and the United States. The left is unprepared to share the consequence caused by the growth of the entitlement culture in policies and programs. 

The left need to stop attacking the most productive members of society to shelter the unlucky. We are not all equal in capacity, skill or luck. We don't award everyone a Gold medal for participating in the Olympics. We can't all be winners.

Canadians are in a stressful time want less talking and more action. The political left are not equipped to take decisive action because they are trapped in a failed ideology that history has refuted in every instance. We don't have a socialist Utopia on earth. The left can not effectively regulate or eliminate greed without disastrous consequences to the population. Robin Hood is not a hero to build a prosperous society.

Canadians have been blessed with natural resources and history with very little bloodshed. Canada is a relatively young country with many advantages including our proximity to the largest economy in the world. A few weeks ago our Canadian government fell short in winning a seat on the security council.

The political left felt the failure to win the coveted seat in the UN was a testament to our failure in "social justice" in Africa and being an "honest broker" in the Middle East. Has the political left in Western democracies become so corrupted they have lost any perspective of thugs in the United Nations? The costs for the entitlement programs on working families through taxation? Does the left believe we are equal to many of the UN voting members in advancing the most basic human rights? The voices in political left condemn us for not being engaged on the  international stage and than follow up with a refusal to support the United Nations sanctioned mission in Afghanistan. Do the voices in the left fail to see their hypocrisy?
  • Religious freedom to believe and not believe
  • Gender equality
  • Freedom of the press/assembly/expression
  • Rule of Law
A large number of countries in the United Nations are corrupt and do not afford the most basic human rights to their citizens. Many of the left of centre pundits regularly give a free pass to these voting member states as they sit in judgment on our Government. Does this make sense to any rational person?

We have problems with equality and rule of law regarding our reserves and the political left have been  largely silent. A favoured solution from the left is to throw more money without holding those accountable. The political left insinuate we are guilty-responsible for the problems in the aboriginal community. The voices in the political left demand we continue to increase the transfer of billions of dollars for the injustice. The loudest voices in the left don't have practical solutions to offer for eliminating the systemic problems on the reserves. It is called accountability.

In the United States many southern states are having a difficult time with the influx of illegal aliens and the lack of effective border enforcement. The local  state governments have been under financial strain in policing, health, education in dealing with this problem for generations. A large number of citizens have voted locally and supported a tougher stance and enforcement of the existing laws. The National Government in Washington is unwilling or unable to address the problems and economic social breakdown in the southern states. In many cases they feel abandoned by the Federal government.

Political correctness only hurts the debate of ideas. The left are terrified of the ethnic vote if they enforce the laws regarding the border and immigration. Accountability is not an ideology. You can't choose to selectively apply it when it suits your political interests. This is why the voices in left are finding their voice fading in North America. The New Brunswick provincial sweep, Rob Ford in Toronto to mid-terms in the United States are not isolated cases of the left being dumped for conservative principles or values. Voters recognize they can't afford the socialist-Liberal culture of entitlement. It is time to change course.

People can't pay the mortgage with hope and feed their children with change. We need government to get out of the way because Robin Hood is not a hero. The left have a great deal to fear in the upcoming elections in Canada and the United States.

Jack & Gilles Flip Ignatieff on Afghanistan

Summer Tour Liberal Training @ Webers
From burgers to Afghanistan, Liberals have it covered. There is not a policy or principle the Liberals won't flip flop to keep their partners happy. It is safe to say Jack and Gilles are back on the Christmas card list after a few road bumps on keeping the coalition together.
The Bloc Québécois will use its opposition day on Thursday to call for a vote on the post-2011 phase of Canada's mission in Afghanistan, which is to focus on training of Afghan soldiers, rather than combat, and continue until 2014. 
The Bloc have NEVER supported the mission including the extension. Ignatieff can flip a decision as easily as a burger?

After all Ignatieff has been carrying  the pail for his partners for months.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Good News with a Cherry on Top for Conservatives in GTA

Good news with a Cherry on top for Conservatives in the GTA as the Vaughan election enters the home stretch.

Mr. Fantino also noted that the Harper government is investing $622 million by way of infrastructure projects in Vaughan on such things as the Spadina subway extension and renovations to the Al Palladini and Maple community centres. -Chamber of Commerce Forum

Blue Team: Fantino, Flaherty, Goodyear, Kent, Harper
Telephone town-hall had some interesting feedback. If they are able to capitalize on the results will Vaughan have a new Conservative MP?

During the 60-minute phone call, listeners could try to ask the candidate a question and were also asked four poll questions.
Callers were asked if Vaughan needs its own hospital, to which 96 per cent of those who answered said yes.
They were also asked if the Harper government was on the right track with the economy, to which 73 per cent of those said yes. Residents were also asked if the government's tough-on-crime approach, which has been central to Mr. Fantino's campaign, is the right one, to which 68 per cent of those who responded said yes. -York Region
University of Toronto political scientist Nelson Wiseman isn’t impressed with a Liberal campaign, in which Genco was acclaimed the day the election was called. “They showed how poorly organized they were. It shows me they were fishing for a bigger fish in Vaughan and they didn’t get it.”- Toronto Star
Force of Nature: PM Stephen Harper unstoppable force or inept opponents?
The Rob Ford victory may not be end of a sea change from Liberal Red to Tory Blue. Forty per cent of respondents in the GTA indicated they would vote for the Tories and 33% for the Liberals. Ispos Reid Poll
We will see if this retreat of Liberal progressive is a sign of the next Blue Wave

Don Cherry placed 7th ahead of John A. MacDonald on the CBC show The Greatest Canadian in 2004. He has endorsed Julian Fantino and has been a public supporter of Stephen Harper since 2006.
Will the Fantino brand combined with the organizational expertise of the Conservative Party of Canada be enough to over come the long held Liberal riding in a relatively short campaign cycle?

Does it make sense for Tony Genco, Greg Sobara to state the Provincial Liberal Government in Ontario in its second mandate should be held solely responsible for the absence of a hospital in Vaughan?  Is it the fault of Mike Harris? If Tony Genco believes the Federal government has no role to play because of jurisdiction, why does he than demand hundreds of millions in education and daycare? Those are both fall in the jurisdiction of provincial files.

Tony Genco should be asked who is responsible for failing to build a local hospital in Vaughan?

Voters are very smart and understand if massive cuts in transfers to provinces in Education, Health and Social services during 1990 - 2004 are not repeated again it is much more likely for those provinces to be able to fund those priorities. If you cut $ 25 billion in Federal transfers to balance your federal books how important are those bragging rights to those in Vaughan waiting for a hospital Tony?

It appears the Harper government and its policies will be given an opportunity with Fantino as their candidate to end another Liberal myth on November 29th.  This should be fun!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Has the 'news' media has become the opposition?

Have the Liberals run up the white flag?  It appears Liberals are using hockey tickets and free steaks to help provide volunteers for the by elections. The news media told us the bus tours were working and the party was energized.
Our Canadian media outlets too short staffed to conduct proper research, report the facts in a balanced manner anymore?
NDP selective outrage on Senate: Where was the outcry from the NDP when the unelected Senate was blocking legislation during the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada led by Brian Mulroney?
Carlos Salinas (left), George H.W. Bush and Br...
NAFTA signing
I remember the Canadian media outlets reminding Canadians how unelected Liberal  Senators were providing a 'sober second thought' and it was their responsibility.
Two days ago Canadian Senators did it again with the help of Liberals who were too busy to show up up for  votes/work. The Senate killed a private members Bill C- 311 that was not supported in principle or in ANY part by the Conservative members in the government or upper chamber. In this case the news media does not feel it is second sober though?
The fact this Bill was terminated has caused a great deal of grief in the media circles and parties in opposition. The media is enabling the opposition and critics to cry foul. The Canadian media has failed to provide a balanced position with concrete examples in history of Liberal Senators killing or delaying legislation during government of Brian Mulroney. Did the research department take the night off? Are the hosts and anchor unable to remember the period between 1984-1993?
Laureen Harper and Preston Manning
Preston Manning was the leader of a political party called the Reform Party. They never won enough seats to form a government. Stockwell Day formed a new political party called the Canadian Alliance in 2000 and was never able to form a  government either. Tony Clement, Belinda Stronach and Stephen Harper ran for the new leadership of a new political party called the Conservative Party of Canada several years ago. It was made up of Canadians who belonged to the The Reform Party of Canada, Progressive Conservative, Canadian Alliance. The rest is history.

Canadian News Media Defender of Liberalism
In my opinion the Canadian news media is failing miserably in holding each political party to account .  Many in the media repeat the talking points of the opposition political parties and invited experts are do not appear to be neutral  when they exclude historical facts to pile on criticism. Is the media not capable of providing a balanced view of the facts and history of the Senate?  Is the media in Canada compromised, short staffed? 
Canadian News Media: Climate Alarmists?
The news has become the editorial. The balance and context have been supplanted with opinion.
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Is Liberal candidate Tony Genco arrogant?

Michael Ignatieff with Tony Genco Liberal candidate
As Chair of the York Central Hospital Board, I can tell you that the Harper Conservatives never picked up the phone to discuss a new hospital in Vaughan – not once,” said Tony Genco, Liberal candidate for Vaughan.- Liberal Press Release
"Canada is a vitally important ally," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters. "The president looks forward to the opportunity to speak with Prime Minister Harper and visit our neighbour to the north."  - CBC Feb 2009
If the most popular American President in 2009 made it a priority for his first official trip to visit our own Prime Minister within three months of coming to office, perhaps Tony could have found five minutes in his busy schedule as the Chair of York Central Hospital to call the federal government for help.
G8 leaders-Muskoka
The leaders of the most powerful countries make time to consult with our Prime Minister. Does Tony Genco think his time is too valuable?
PM with Premier working together on several projects for Ontario
PM working all Premiers on Economic Action Plan
PM working with Mayor of Toronto
The voters of Vaughan deserve a member of parliament that will be capable of working across partisan political lines at all levels to get things done. It appears Tony Genco may be unable to rise above petty politics to pick up the phone and look for help on behalf of the residents of Vaughan.
Voters can't afford the political rhetoric of Tony  Genco  The Liberal candidate for Vaughan has some explaining to do with the focus on negative campaigning. Good luck Tony, voters need their politicians to cooperate and get things done.
City, Region, Province, Federal Politics: Toronto York Spadina Subway Extension moves forward
The Honourable Jim Flaherty, Canada's Minister of Finance; the Honourable Jim Bradley, Ontario Transportation Minister; His Worship David Miller, Mayor of Toronto; Toronto Transit Commission chair Adam Giambrone; and Her Worship Linda Jackson, Mayor of Vaughan, on behalf of York Region chair Bill Fisch, celebrated the groundbreaking today at the Wilson Yard connection site.
What do you think?


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