Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Ignatieff falls short in defense of Israel

From appeasement to political correctness, the opposition MP's don't get it. It has been interesting listening to the leader of the opposition follow our Prime Minister at the Ottawa conference combating antisemitism  on November 8, 2010. Our PM delivered a short speech  in which he clearly laid out his support for the state of Israel and the danger of those who pretend to be honest brokers on this file. Our PM did not mince words and left no one in the room on his solemn duty.
It may have been unfair to expect Ignatieff to follow up after our own Force of Nature.  Ignatieff could not use this  opportunity to attack Conservatives and lately it appears to be the only area where he exhibits passion.
Ignatieff wanted the audience to know that he repudiated and condemned anti-Semitism and intolerance. But he also wanted them to know that it was important to preserve the right to criticize Israel. Ignatieff conceded that anti-Israel criticism might get out of hand, at the UN for example. But he expressed this concern primarly in terms of the harm this one-sidedness did to “the UN system,” rather than to the unfairness to Israel. -David Frum
Canada has been an active participant is helping our allies, friends in restoring human dignity in remote places. Canada is no longer afraid to criticize governments that are a genuine risk to rule of law, peace or human rights.
“Besides the bonds of kinship that exist between Canada and Ukraine, there are important values and principles to promote.  As Canadians, we believe that a government must work in the interests of its people, not the other way around.  We believe that countries which respect the rights of their own people are more likely to respect the rights of other nations and to be good world citizens.-PM Stephen Harper at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, Ukraine on October 26, 2010.
Canadians have seen the effect of past federal government failure to speak or stand alone against the popular opinion at the United Nations. The World needs more of this Canada that has not cut foreign aid during an economic downturn or criticize a country for failing to act responsibly.  

Canadian leadership is being shown in favour of international fiscal sobriety, global initiatives have been undertaken on behalf of women and children and a free-trade agreement with Europe has been launched.- Not just another foreign-policy review
“Canada welcomes progress on the sanctions brought forward to the U.N. Security Council and encourages all members to work together to deliver a sanctions resolution that will take Iran to task for its continued disregard of obligations under International Atomic Energy Agency and U.N. Security Council resolutions”-Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon
What do you think?
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