Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Two Things I learned about Julian Fantino today

1. He felt the back room deals with Liberals-NDP supported by the Bloc was undemocratic: Voters must decide.(Me too!) I feel the Bloc must be isolated and all three federalist parties should work together against this separatist party. His disdain for negative politics is evident and I also share that sentiment. The opposition parties are obsessed with power at any cost and that is unhealthy for a country he loves.
2. His family attends the same church as my cousins in Vaughan. Here is part two of his interview with his thoughts. If you are interested here is a clip from his interview with an alternative media outlet. Some Liberal rags are unhappy including some bloggers that Fantino won't be available to them. Perhaps if they have provided balanced coverage in the Toronto mayoralty race they would have a legitimate gripe. They blew it and now have to deal with the consequences of being viewed as a partisan mouthpiece for the left.

Many of you are uncomfortable with the inaction and problems in Caledonia. As a Conservative I empathize with the objections and groups opposed to his nomination. I don't believe Caledonia is an isolated case and as a country we need to be more vigilant if demanding the rule of law. As noted the opposition and other levels of Government are not consistent with action on serious problems regarding accountability or equality in aboriginal communities. It is a matter of judgment and who we trust. I have not lost confidence or faith in our PM and support his decision to allow the strongest local conservative candidate that may steal this riding or make it competitive.
The recruitment of Julian Fantino into the Conservative tent was not recent undertaking. Fantino noted that the PM while in opposition sought his opinion on matters. That mutual respect may have been the deciding factor why he chose to run with Conservatives. What do you think?
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